Barber Denied Serving A Woman Who Asked For A Men’s Haircut

Here is the story of woman in her 20’s who got kicked out of a barber shop because she wanted a men’s haircut. As ridiculous as it sounds, it gets worse ahead. One Reddit user with username u/Barbershopwoman shared her story and questioned whether she was wrong in calling out to barber online who refused to serve her.


We are living in the 21st century- a generation called the most modern in the history of mankind, but is it really so? Are you sure we haven’t confined ourselves within the boundaries of gender roles? Are you sure we have not assigned colors, hobbies, professions and ever services for particular genders only?

The useridentified herself as a woman in her 20s with very short hair, not just short but straight up a man’s cut as she always looked very masculine looking in general. She had been getting her hair cuts from at a barber since past couple of years as the shop was cheap and also because the barber there never forced her to have a feminine pixie like hairdo.

Unfortunately, her regular barber had to move, so she was looking for a new place for her haircuts. On the recommendation of a male friend, she found a place. It looked quite ok from outside but when she went in, nothing was ‘ok’ with that place. On requesting for a haircut, she was looked upon very strangely by the barber who then refused to do so. Giving him the benefit of doubt, the lady cleared that she wanted a men’s haircut, but the barber denied serving her and told her to go to a salon.

She was shocked and embarrassed on being kicked out of a barber shop. Especially, since its not that uncommon these days for girls to have short haircuts, she couldn’t comprehend what happened with her. Reaching home, she went on the LGBT Facebook page for her city and that gender non-conforming women need not to bother with this barber, because he won’t serve them in the first place.

The post went viral in the group getting numerous comments, likes and shares. Since its reach was growing tremendously, one of her friends told her that she went too far with the incident and that she could really hurt a small business by making such comments. Apparently, the Reddit users didn’t agree much with her friend.

People commented that she was not at all wrong in the entire scenario and it was the barber who was in the guilty spot. He made a wrong business move. Instead of serving a client he told her to go to a competitor. Duhh, which business minded person does that? Further the comments read that the barber made the choice to drive away a potential customer and it was all on him.

Commenters supported this woman by writing that she just communicated what happened with and it was nothing wrong in raising her voice against unjust practices like these. The incident was also categorized a clear case of gender discrimination by few commenters.