Bride Kicked Out Brother-In-Law After He Proposed To His GF During The Ceremony

A brother-in-law had no shame in stealing the show from the bride and groom on their wedding day. He came to the wedding with his girlfriend and proposed to her. Thus, stealing all the attention away from the wedding. This raged the bride, and she kicked him out of the ceremony.


It is okay to make your wedding day about yourself and your spouse. You have given your time and attention to a relationship and planned a lot for the big day. You deserve to have all the attention on that particular day. Thus, if any of the guests tries to steal that away from you, they should be ready to face the results.

Kevin, the brother-in-law, was the best man of the groom. Both of them were very close. On the wedding day, Kevin arrived with his girlfriend, who was wearing the same color as the bride. Seeing her wearing white the bride was shocked, and that was not the end.

Everyone got to their seats, and just before the ceremony, Kevin stood for an announcement. Nobody had any idea what he was going to do. The bride was in confusion as he approached his girlfriend and kneeled to her. He proposed to her and she said yes taking her own time. It was just a matter of seconds that all the attention shifted to them.

Everyone started clapping and congratulating Kevin and his girlfriend. They were happy for them. The bridesmaids hugged the girl. Even the mother-in-law went and stand with them, leaving the wedding couple behind. The bride saw all the things in shock when she noticed her mother moving out of the hall as she was upset for her daughter.

Although the wedding ceremony began, no one was paying attention as everyone was busy congratulating Kevin and his girlfriend. The bride was in distress and was shaking because of anger. She was so out of control that she dropped the ring.

After the ceremony, the bride decided to have a talk in private with her husband and brother-in-law. She wanted to confront him about what he had done. To her surprise, she got to know that even her husband knew about the proposal. The brother-in-law was not even sorry for his activity. He was arguing with the bride that escalated the situation, and the bride kicked him out of the ceremony.

The in-laws, on the other hand, were very upset with the bride’s behavior and the mother-in-law left the party with her son and his girlfriend. The bride refused to meet her in-laws after the wedding. They kept texting her that what she did at the wedding was not great and she should apologize. The bride reached for people’s opinion to know whether she had acted harshly or not.

People were in support of the bride. They believe that the wedding day is the special day of anyone’s life. The brother-in-law should have asked for everyone’s permission involved in the wedding, including the bride, before making it his special day. Others considered her husband equally guilty of the crime. If he knew about it, he should’ve discussed it with the bride. Relationships shouldn’t be based on secrecy.

Whatever the scenario was, we just hope that the family solves their issues. We hope for them to be reunited again.