Bride Lies To Family About Canceling Wedding But They Find Photos On Facebook

An anonymous Reddit user took the platform to expose a bride (named Karen) who struck people out of her wedding guest list for refusing her monetary help. She contacted her family members for borrowing. But when they refused, she informed them about the cancellation of her wedding. A year later, she horrified them by posting her wedding pictures on Facebook.


Weddings are not only about joys but also financial strain. They call in for a lot on the part of the concerned souls to make them memorable in every respect. Thus, it is no wonder to find people seeking help from their loved ones for that part. However, some take to vile routes when they fail to draw their interests. A bride named Karen shocked the world by pushing people out of her wedding guest list.

Wedding bells were about to chime for Karen when she realized her monetary blues. Like many of her counterparts, she was also struggling to cope with the burden of bills landing in her kitty. So she decided to borrow some money from the guests on her wedding guest list, especially her family members. Taking on that part, she looked forward to borrowing $15000 from her brother. But he did not come with that. She faced the same with some of her aunts and other relatives.

Fuming over the refusals, she decided to strike them down from the guest list. So she went ahead to inform them about the cancellation of her wedding. Her bridesmaid called up her brother to deliver the cancellation message to him. After that, she went ahead tying the knot with a small party. Her wiles remained under the cover for one year. But then, she blew that off by posting her wedding pictures on Facebook. That horrified her guests, whom she dropped off her wedding guest list. Not just that, she took that to heights by complaining that her loved ones were not around for her wedding after ten years.

Pay up front please. from weddingshaming

One of the anonymous guests turned up to expose her callous side by sharing the story on the Reddit platform. According to them, she called up her brother and said, “I put deposits down for the hall, the photographer, the caterer, the flowers and the DJ but I didn’t know I had to pay in full on my wedding day, I thought I could pay later.”

Shedding light on her shocking exposure, they said, “A year later…Karen posts on her Facebook ‘Happy 1 year anniversary. I can’t believe it has been a year already. Here are photos from the wedding.’ Turns out Karen, called every family member, pumped them for money. When they said no, they were uninvited.”

Adding to that, they shared, “She had a very small wedding with a good-sized party afterwards. Her own brother, grandmother and a few aunts were all uninvited. 10 years later she still complains they weren’t there for her ‘special day.’”

The Reddit post churned the waves of criticism for the woman. Comments came pouring down to dis her move. One of them expressed their disgust by commenting, “At a loss for words!” Another person turned up to add to the line of shock by writing, “That’s…. impressive. In how awful it is.” The third soul made an addition to the comment list by saying, “I’m a little impressed by the gall they had to pull this stunt AND complain people weren’t there.”

Thus, the Reddit post stirred shock waves around.