Bride Wants Her Fiancé To Take A Second Job To Pay For Wedding

The bride wants her fiancé to do a second job because she cannot work anymore. She cannot work anymore since she has a wedding to plan and her fiancé needs to do a second job so that she can have a big fat wedding which she has been planning since she was a child.


In her message on a private brides group on Facebook, she ranted how it was unfair to her that her fiancé is not ready to work more. She emphasized that her happiness matters more as a happy wife equals happy life. There are many cases of nutty brides but this one has outdone all of them.

With her wedding to be planned and her job every day, it was becoming very stressful for her to cope up with everything. Thus, she quit her job to make her dream wedding successful. She used to be so tired from her job, traveling to the workplace, coming back and doing all the work that she quit her job and focused solely on planning her wedding.

Since she is now home after quitting her job she is full-time coordinating with her wedding planners. But now another problem is the budget, it is so high that she wants her fiancé to take up a second job so as they can pay $80,000 for their wedding. Her fiancé refuses to do the same and wants to reduce the budget of the wedding.


The bride won’t go for it since she wants to plan everything according to her dream wedding which she has been planning since she was a child. Though she is trying to find a job where she can work from home lately luck has not been on her side. People after reading her message has a very clear message for both the bride and her fiancé.

People suggested her fiancé see the red flags before the wedding takes place and save himself. Some even say that these are not red flags but big clear sings why he should not marry this and call off the whole thing. People right away are calling the bride’s rant bullshit. A simple and good wedding can be done in $34,000 but the bride will not take that as a solution.

People commented that it is ridiculous to spend so much on the wedding and quit her job for it. One should not quit their job for a single day event and spend so much on it because it will not matter in the future. And luxury is a thing which many couples cannot afford. They should have a simple wedding and should save their money for their future.

“UM, HELLO, NO. This is MY WEDDING I have been dreaming of since I was little and I refuse to have anything but my dream wedding”. If her attitude remains the same maybe marriage will no longer be on the table for her.