Bridezilla Asks A Stranger To Be Her Bridesmaid And Makes A Weird Request

A wedding is a huge affair and you can expect a few ups and downs while planning and executing the ideas. For brides, things get a little stressful and they are allowed to act “weird” to a certain extent. But this particular bridezilla crossed all limits when she asked a complete stranger to be her bridesmaid and her request didn’t sound polite!


The variety of incidents that happen at a wedding is unmatched. From deciding the venue to picking out the dresses, the tasks don’t seem to end. Of course, stress is inevitable in such cases. But it’s all about how you deal with it.

Brides tend to get a little anxious and act weird while planning for their big day. There are a lot of stories revolving around the wedding frenzy and a few tantrums thrown by the brides. However, we think the award in this category might go to this story. This Reddit user posted it on the platform for everyone to know about this strange experience she had.

This tale begins with a wonderful instance that occurred a few years ago when this girl got asked to be a bridesmaid by one of her high school friends.


This Reddit user explained in her post that she was aware of certain financial constraints in her friend’s family and so, she decided to help her out with the decorations. This girl made flower bouquets too! She did all of this so that her friend could have a wedding of her dreams without compromising on anything.

She became a true bridesmaid by taking care of her friend and making every moment special on this dream occasion.

One woman was aware of her kindness and all that she did for her friend at that wedding and without contemplating much, she just gave her a call. This is not weird, people! The next thing was even more bizarre that included a ridiculous “request”.

The Reddit user wrote, “She wants me to be her bridesmaid, at her town several hours away from where I was living. Also, she wants me to do all her flowers for free.”

Wait, what! This woman just asked a complete stranger to be her bridesmaid. If that wasn’t enough, she requested her to “assist” with the flower decoration. You can take a moment to digest all this!

This bridesmaid had never in her life met this woman who just had the strangest request for her.

She explained in her post, “I told her that I was flattered but I didn’t know her, and I didn’t feel comfortable being the bridesmaid of a complete stranger. Also, the fact that I was due to give birth the week before her wedding meant that I would probably have to decline even if I did know her.”

The bridesmaid thought that she had made a fair point (and we think so too!). But this bride-to-be got on a different track with this.

She didn’t stop calling her and the ridiculousness kept going on.


She further wrote, “I wished her best of luck with the upcoming nuptials, hung up, and didn’t answer any further calls from that number.”

It’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that a bride would go this extent to get a “fairytale” wedding. They need to calm down as no one wants to be tagged as a “bridezilla” after all!

Many people were furious about this incident. One comment stated, “It is true that people can still surprise us with their ridiculous demands and their sense of entitlement.”

We guess being so nice and kind comes with a price too. This bridesmaid is a perfect example of that!