Bridezilla Tags Her Pregnant Cousin ‘Selfish’ For Not Flying To Her Wedding

The global pandemic has put a halt on almost everything but one bride hasn’t stopped planning for her wedding. She even wants her pregnant cousin to fly out for her wedding amidst the global pandemic which is very dangerous for the baby and the mother to be. The new mother to have no clue how she will tell her cousin.


The mother to be shared her story and told why she is declining the invitation to her cousin’s wedding. She shared that both of them were very close while growing up but drifted apart as adults. She shared that her cousin has always been the spoiled one and had always got what she wanted as a child no matter who she hurts in the process.

Her cousin got engaged to her boyfriend in May 2019 after dating for a year. Despite the health crisis, her cousin dropped a few thousands in the planning of her wedding. Thousands were being thrown away here and there still her cousin could not extend an invite to her partner of two years. This was the first reason she was thinking of declining the invitation.

At the beginning of February, she got pregnant and that solidified her decision of declining the invitation. She did not want to go as seven months pregnant without her partner to another country. She shared that “My LO is due to arrive in October and everyone is over the moon.”

My (31F) cousin (26F) doesn’t accept that I won’t be able to attend her wedding from JUSTNOFAMILY

She further shared “She won’t understand how there is no way in heaven or hell that I will get on a plane for two hours flight and another two hours train when I’ll be 7 months pregnant. She threw a fit to me, my aunt, my parents and anyone willing to listen. Apparently I am so selfish because of all the time in the world I chose now to get pregnant, probably to steal her thunder or something like that.”

People were shocked to know that her cousin did not invite her partner of two years who is going to be the father of her child. One person wrote: “She didn’t invite your significant other? That’s crazy. While I understand guests can be limited, and sometimes people will opt not to invite new boyfriends/girlfriends, this is clearly a life partner type situation — you’re having a baby together! This alone is enough to not go.”

A person suggested: “I would just tell her that you spoke with your doctor and they will not give you clearance to travel at that stage in the pregnancy. Which, honestly, may not even be a lie. I would think that if you do talk to your doctor they would advise you not to travel while that far along and with the whole COVID virus s–t that’s happening.”

Though she was off the hook as her cousin’s future-in-laws who were paying for the whole thing pushed the date of the wedding for the next year until the health crisis settles down. Though now the pregnancy issue is resolved the only issue is of her partner’s invite.