Bridezilla Uses Her Wedding Invitation As White Elephant Gift To Co-Workers

It is very tough to select the people you want to invite for your wedding when both your close family and work friends live in the same town. It becomes tougher when you are on a budget and you wish everyone is okay with your intentions. One bride to make sure of that but it was an epic failure.


The bride explained that she had two wedding lists of invitation. Wedding list ‘A’ consists of all her family and close friends from work and otherwise. Wedding ‘B’ consists of all her work friends. She had sent invites to her family and close friends and is waiting that they can RSVP and accordingly she will start inviting people from her list ‘B’.

She also planned to give some of her work friends the invitation to a Christmas party where everyone will be present. She had planned to give a white elephant as her wedding invite to her work friends at the party so that it remains discreet and nobody’s feelings are hurt. Indeed, it is not easy to shop for somebody else and thus, the bride tried to be creative yet discrete.

She shared her story on Reddit and wrote, “I can see it either as a cute way to invite someone at an earlier stage… or it could highlight that some people haven’t been invited, make people feel like they have to beg and dance for an invite, and make people feel way worse if they don’t make the final cut.”

WIBTA if I brought an invitation to my wedding as a white elephant gift from AmItheAsshole

But when she shared her story she thought people would understand her position and sympathize with her. But what happened was the opposite of what she had expected. People start commenting on her story, “This can’t be real. Does OP think they’re Beyonce or something? Lol. If this is real I really hope someone records their face as people are desperately trading this ‘gift.’ Especially since it’s going to be pretty obvious who it’s from lmao”

Another person was way too blunt and wrote, “No one is as excited about your wedding as you think they are.” The third person though tried to give it a soft touch but the comment was pretty nasty which stated, “It will hurt but please pay attention to the comments. Some are rougher than others but should help you keep things in perspective. Unless this is the next Royal Wedding or you’re a major celebrity, people don’t really care. They are happy for you but they have their own stuff that matters to them.”

While some tried to show her the reality others just wanted to witness the drama, the aftermath of sending the invites. They were waiting that everyone finds out about her wedding and wanted to see what would happen. They commented, “Can we all just say N T A so she actually does this? I want to see the aftermath.” “NTA – guys stop let her do this I want to see the world burn,” the other commented.