Clever Girl Writes A Note To Mom To Find Out Her Birthday Present

Birthdays are an event for which the children are always waiting for. They think about the celebration, friends, partying and most importantly the presents. A little girl left a note for her mum in order to find out what she was going to get on her birthday. Her note was cute and lovely. Her note writing was called ‘’an absolute Genius’’ by the people all around the world.


Little girl Tiegan, was also eagerly waiting for her birthday. She was excited to think about all the things that will happen on her birthday. She was mostly excited about the presents she was going to get. She was so excited that the wait till her birthday was killing her. She wanted to know about her presents as soon as possible. So, she thought of an idea. She wrote a small note to her mum enquiring about her birthday gift. Her note was cute, witty, innocent and yet had a clever idea behind it. Her mom was in hysterics when she found the note.

Tiegan wrote the letter acting as her dad. In her letter the dad had forgotten about the gift which they bought for Tiegan, and wanted her mom to remind him of what it was. The note was written in kid’s handwriting and mum laughed when she found it. Mum was impressed by the note and decided to show the note to the world. She posted it on a Facebook group Family Lockdown Tip & Ideas and wrote “finding this note a couple of days before your daughter’s birthday”. Parents in the group adored her note and complimented the creativity of Tiegan.

The note started with Dear Mum, which was cut to make it Dear Wife. That first thing was clever yet it contained an innocent mistake. The rest of the letter read: “I have forgotten what we have got our favorite daughter Tiegan for her birthday so please write it here’’. The letter was further signed by her husband, with definitely not Tiegan written in brackets.


Her note has got more than 13000 likes and 500 comments since it was posted. Many people loved the craftiness and creativity of Tiegan. Some people praised her efforts whereas others termed her as an absolute Genius. Many people also gave suggestions to her mom regarding a perfect reply to the letter. One suggested her to write “It’s her birthday? When?” as a reply. While another person suggested to write “Dear daughter (crossed out) husband, don’t you remember the family tradition that presents stop at (her upcoming age) we don’t have to bother anymore” as a perfect reply.

This incident shows how kids can make us smile with their innocence. If children are raised right and are always taught to freely express themselves, they can be the little masterminds. They will have little evil plans that are witty and clever. Whatever children learn at a tender age stays with them for lifetime. They tend to become core values in later part of life. Childhood is always a great leaner. Children can show us the ways to take things lightly and yet come with little moments of wisdom.