Couple Is Ready To Welcome Their Baby, They “Request” Neighbors To Cook Meals For them To Help

We all know that parents-to-be have to make some preparations for the baby’s arrival and manage all the regular stuff too. It requires some effort! This couple is on the same path, but instead of managing their routine, they are asking their neighbors to “help” them with it by cooking them dinner or running other errands around the house. Bizarre demands, right?

Getting ready to welcome new addition in your family is definitely exciting but it can get exhausting at times. However, if the couple stays calm and plans out things in advance, they can get through that phase with the least amount of stress.

This is not what one couple decided to do as they were expecting their first child! They chose an unconventional path by “requesting” their neighbors for some help around their household. Sounds weird already? They were quite serious about this.

This came to light when Jack Jokinen, a sports writer came across a social network Next Door. It fulfilled the purpose of creating alertness in the neighborhood regarding a crime or other serious issues.

It was an impressive platform until Jack encountered some strange and stupid requests on it from one of his neighbors. He decided to disclose it on Twitter.

So, it turns out this couple was all set to welcome their baby in some time and the man wanted his neighbors to follow his “meal-train” idea which involved cooking and offering some meals to him and his wife.

In that post, the man had mentioned the “stress” that had taken them over with all the preparations and balancing everything. He described his fear of losing sleep after the baby arrives which would make him tired all the time leading to not paying attention to his wife who would need good care at that moment.

This post disappointed Jack and the “most millennial phrasing” agitated him further!

The man didn’t stop there. He mentioned all that he was expecting his neighbors to do for them during this time.

This man wrote, “That’s why I’m putting together this ‘meal-train’ or ‘mental-health check-in train’ or ‘Do you need any help today train’. A meal would be awesome. If you feel comfortable reaching out before you arrive to see if we might need anything else – that’d be even more awesome.”

Jack was unable to digest such demands and wanted to know what the thought behind this was. He expected it to get better and logical. That never happened!

Things got worse as Jack read it further. The next annoying factor was the meal plan. Yes, they mentioned a meal plan for their neighbors who would be bringing them food. This had 30 meals with recipes and clear mention of what they prefer eating and the foods they stay away from.

The weirdest post ever, right?

It got weirder. The couple was even requesting people to help them with other activities around the house like cleaning, doing dishes. The list even included walking their dog. WHAT?!

Infuriated Jack wrote, “This guy then tops it all off by telling us we can sign up for a day to text, and if they decide they would rather not see people, WE CAN COOK THEM A MEAL AND LEAVE IT FOR THEM IN A COOLER HE WILL PROVIDE IN THE YARD BECAUSE HE COULDN’T BE BOTHERED ANSWERING THE DOOR.”

The comments poured in on this post as people were enraged about this concept of meal-train! The majority of the people considered this awful and illogical. One comment read, “They’re having a baby, not both dying of cancer. Reality is hopefully going to slap these two in the face one day.” This was the level of anger here!

A few supported this idea describing it as an attempt to “build a community”.

You can pick whatever side you wish to! We’ll see where this meal-train reaches!