Delivery Executive Unknowingly Traps Man Inside His Own House With Stupidity

We are all familiar with the butterflies that dance inside us while waiting for a delivery- be it food or a package from our favorite shopping site. The whole procedure of online shopping is exciting in its own way. But what when your package is later than scheduled or when the courier person delivers it to the wrong house?

Well, there are a lot of problems with deliveries but the story of this man is going to give it a whole new meaning altogether, a problem graver than the red card which means the provided address was untraceable and the customer has to go to the nearest hub to pick it up themselves. Here is why you should never; we repeat never push a delivery person to leave your parcel at your doorstep. By the way, do you remember when a delivery boy threw the parcel through a window and it directly landed into the commode?

Well, this is bigger and sort of better than that because this time not some item but a complete man was trapped inside his own house when a delivery executive left a package in a crazy place. California man, Jessie Lawrence took to his Twitter account to tweet a picture of the problem the lad had created. He also tagged the company (UPS) informing them how the stupidity of their employee, who put the package under the doorknob, made it impossible for the man to get out. But the mystery is, if he was inside why didn’t he receive the package?

And why would the courier guy leave the package in such a place? Was it to protect the fragile items from falling and breaking? Didn’t he realize the blunder he was creating? Thankfully Jessie was able to get out of his apartment although people wish to know how he managed to click a picture from inside the house. But this is nothing compared to the idiotic advice of lifting the handle up people are bombarding him with. Like he wouldn’t have thought of it?!

Jessie’s post has over 52000 retweets and 133000 likes; the UPS team too was quick in sending their apologies to the aggrieved customer and is currently looking into the matter. We hope the poor delivery boy doesn’t have to lose his job for one silly mistake.