Disneyland Wedding Dream Pushed A Woman To Seek Funds From Friends

A woman broke the limits of patience of the social media users by creating a donation page to raise funds for her dream Disneyland wedding. The mother went ahead to list down the elements that were making it hard for her to live her dream wedding day. She asked her friends to donate £27000 for her cause.

In the online world, it is not a hard thing to find a number of donation pages mushrooming up to raise funds for various social causes. The noble souls are going ahead to use the bounty of technology to bestow pearls of relief on the toiling souls. On the other hand, many souls are using the platform to fulfill their interest. One of them is a woman who started a donation page to make her dream wedding a reality.

The mother wanted to live her big day in the vibrant shades of Disneyland (Florida). She longed to have all golden things festooning her wedding venue to live her day to the full. But to her dismay, the daily struggles of her life did not let her save much for her big day. So when she clutched her partner’s hand for the golden day, she went out of her wits. She wanted to make it out them in any way.

Finally, she grabbed the idea of raising funds for her wedding by asking her pals to contribute. To serve her that purpose, she set a donation page. Shedding light on her problem, the woman said, “My husband and I would very much love to have our dream wedding at Florida Walt Disney World Resort”. Adding to that, she said, “However between bills and our children we just don’t have enough money saved up, it’s close to impossible it seems like to save back money when you have children. Seven to be exact”. Then she went ahead to talk about the hardships and her impossibility to save.

The woman also reflected on her efforts to meet her wedding expenses by knocking at the door to the Disneyland officials. She had requested them to support their marriage. But she did not get any reply from them. She ended her sad story by saying, “We are doing our best to set back what we can but we figured we’d ask for some help along the way”.

Thus, she ended up asking for friends to donate £27000 to meet the expenses of their dream wedding.

But her efforts went down the drain. The social media people ridiculed her act. One of them went ahead to take a dig at her sad story. The person said, “Lets throw in all of the sob stories and see what sticks. Seven kids, fiancé had a heart attack, sick grandma. Anyone? Anyone?” Another one come up to hit at her and said, “Appalling… some people are shameful. Get real and get responsible”.

One social media user attacked the sick mentality of the people by saying, “They need to get their financial life straight. Sounds like they enjoy living off other people”. To contribute to the swan song, one soul said, “As someone who almost got married at Disney, you can do that for $15k pretty nicely”.

Thus, the wrath of the world blew off her expectations.

Hopefully, other fund seekers would mind their way and study their cause’s relevance in the world full of miseries before dropping in their request for donation.