Ex’s Girlfriend Asks Mum-To-Be To Give Her Twin Babies To Her

This was about a pregnant woman who broke up with the guy she had been dating for three months. The man went back to his ex-girlfriend. The mother-to-be had a tough time as her ex’s girlfriend treated her like a surrogate. As the girl had some fertility issues she acted as if the children were hers and she was going to be their mother. The mother asked for advice by posting the entire piece online.


An anonymous woman, 29, from the US was expecting twins with her ex-boyfriend. She thought she would have a tough time as she was expecting after the two were separated. Joe, her ex-boyfriend, left her to get back to his ex-girlfriend. Joe and the mum-to-be had been dating for three months until they broke up. The woman got pregnant soon after Joe left him. She thought that Joe wouldn’t have much to do with the babies. But to her surprise, he was elated after he got the news! He always wanted to become a father.

Everything seemed alright until his girlfriend stepped into the scene. Kim, his girlfriend had been having some fertility issues. She could never get pregnant naturally and Joe wanted to be a father. The expectant mother and Joe getting back together was not an option. Joe claimed that Kim had a mental breakdown because of her infertility and she wanted to have a word with his ex. They had a conversation. Kim had so much to say. She started by saying that she wanted to be involved in her pregnancy.

Adding further, she said that the mother needed to go for a home birth; she needed to formula feed the babies so that the couple, Joe and Kim, could take them for half of the week. And that wasn’t it, she wanted one boy and one girl, and also she wanted the kids to call her Mama since they would be calling the actual mother Mommy! Kim started acting as if the children were hers and the mum-to-be was nothing more than a surrogate. The mother was increasingly frustrated after hearing all of what Kim said.

AITA for calling out my kids’ future stepmom for treating me like a surrogate? from AmItheAsshole

The situation aggravated as Kim started interfering in her daily life. At the virtual genetics counseling appointment, she started talking everything about her family history that was irrelevant. Joe found out the gender and kept it a surprise for the mother as she wanted to throw a gender reveal party. Being the annoying one, Kim threw a gender reveal party and a baby shower to which the mother wasn’t even invited! She made an announcement on social media. The mother got pissed off.

The woman explained the entire scenario online. She asked fellow users for some advice on the situation. More than 3,000 people read her post and commented. Many of them were disgusted by how Kim was behaving. They wanted the woman to seek legal help immediately. One of the users expressed that the woman rightly said that she wasn’t treated like a mother rather a surrogate. Her children were perceived as objects! People urged her to hire a lawyer and get all the formalities completed. People found Kim’s behavior to be quite disturbing.

Another comment insisted her to block all of their phone numbers and file a police report for harassment against Kim. Everyone wanted the mother and children to be safe.