Father Took Over Daughter’s Social Media As Punishment, Becomes More Popular Than Her

When 15-year-old Madelynn was caught sneaking in boys at an all-girls slumber party, she was completely unaware by what was coming her way, in an attempt to escape serious punishment she permitted her dad to use her social media but soon regretted her decision and the dad began sharing hilarious photos and videos of himself on her account.

Parents Tawnya Ford and Larry Sumpter allowed their teenage daughter to take her own call of fate- one month without her mobile, or two weeks without her phone along with her parents watch on all her social media accounts. And as the high school student from Texas was on her way back home from school, she saw her father’s weird pictures and videos all over her Instagram profile; the cherry on top, each one was captioned in a rather weird way. Such as ‘felt cute, might delete later’, there were so many of them- photos, selfies and the famous crop top dance on TikTok.

Madelynn reached home and tried to convince her parents of freeing her from the captivity but all in vain, her weird dad had already gained a lot of followers and people are highly keen on continuing to watch Larry and his outlandish antics.

Tawnya in an interview mentioned that just after the very first day, Madelynn came up to them and said that she has changed her mind and would rather go for a month without phone but Larry dismissed her pleas saying he had too many good ideas already, and thus, she had to stick with the two-week thing, the father is a Snapchat star among Madelynn’s friends and also famous on TikTok.


And this is nothing new, Larry has been a pro at embarrassing his daughter at school, last time when Madelynn was chosen as the school mascot, he made sure he blasted the music volume so that people knew it was Madelynn, the mascot- he had no intentions to stop! As the punishment duration began the 43-year-old father shared a picture of his daughter studying in her bedroom, where one can clearly see how the poor girl grounded herself.

As of now, the girl’s social media is all about her dad and his bizarre ways, for which he has gained a lot of fans and as well as setting an example for other parents to follow. One called the father Sir, a complete genius, and also mentioned that they absolutely love the idea, another one from the Netherlands replied that the father was epic and would highly famous if he was on Instagram!

So whose side are you on- Madelynn or Larry?