Friends Prank Couple On First Date Leaving Them Embarrassed

A couple named Neil Harkin and Jean McAuley went out to celebrate their first date at the restaurant of Neil’s friend Liam Shiel. They were cherishing their time together when Liam decided to add a blasting element to their well-going date with 13 other friends. He sent a bottle of Prosecco with sparkler over their table. And everyone started celebrating.


First dates are very conspicuous in laying down the edifice of relationships. Thus, love birds try to see each other in the best way to practice carpe diem. They put in their might to plan everything up to the mark to win a dream date. However, things see a turn around when some uninvited guests pop in to lace their meeting with their presence. A couple named Neil Harkin and Jean McAuley lived some of the similar kind of moments.

Neil and Jean were not strangers to each other. They had gone to the same primary school. They caught up with each other and decided to give their love prospects a try. Thus, they called on each other to have their first meet. Neil, a bartender, booked a table at his friend Liam’s restaurant- The Old Docks Bar and Grill in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Thus, the 31-year-old man reposed his trust in his friend to put down a memorable date. Liam (35-year-old) promised to get them a place despite the dinners’ rush.

The love birds finally walked in together at The Old Docks. They saw their table reserved in the middle of the hall. They settled down and began to celebrate their moments together. They were just about finishing their dinner when another of Neil’s friend- Gary (waiter) walked over to their table with a bottle of Prosecco with a sparkler. Then, the speakers rocked the hall with a congratulatory song in the background.

The couple was trying to make head and tail of the entire matter when the people around them started cheering for them, thinking that they had just got engaged or were having a baby.

Marking the moment, the Liam came out of the covers with other 13 friends. The customers lived the prank to the full while the lovebirds saw them with their mortified faces.

After getting done with the date bizarre, the couple joined the cahoots and celebrated their successful prank with drinks.

Jean tried to keep her mortification at bay and agreed to see Liam again.

Then, the video capturing the prank landed in Twitter and Facebook world. The social media zealots greeted the well-crafted bizarre by pushing the views to over the mark of 60,000.

Taking on the prank, Neil shared, “This was a first date, but me and Jean went to the same primary school. I’ve known her a long time then we hooked up and went on a date. The fella who walked out with the bottle used to play football with me – Gary, he’s the waiter. He was in on the prank as well. We have a second date lined up now – but the first place I won’t be going to as the Old Docks”.

Celebrating the hilarious side of the prank, one of the users said, “That’s a first date to remember”. Another soul said, “This is brilliant, poor girl is mortified lol but she’ll not forget that date!”

Third one joined by saying, “Brilliant – worst friends ever!”

Hopefully, the couple would have managed another date sans the worldly commotions and unwanted gate crashers.