Groom Pranks His Future Wife By Stepping Away From Her For A Moment Before The Final Vows

There are always a few moments during any wedding ceremony that stand out and make the occasion special and unique for the couple. For this bride, the “unique” moment involved his groom executing a fully planned prank on her right before he had to say “I do”. The entire prank was captured on camera and the video went viral on the internet!


While some would never take that risk of pulling a prank on their wedding day in front of a huge family gathering, others would jump to the opportunity to make the event fun!

This groom belonged to the latter category as he had planned a hilarious prank (mostly, found it hysterical!) to pull on his fiancée before saying those important words, “I do”.

The video shows the groom heading towards his group of friends who formed a circle a few steps away when asked if he is willing to take his fiancée as his wife. He says, “hang on” and moves towards that huddle.

He put on an act leading everyone to believe that he was consulting his friends for one last time before stepping into the married life. At one point during the fake discussion, all of the groomsmen and the groom stared at the bride for a second before continuing with the choreographed act.


After a little chat in the huddle, the groom steps towards his partner and says, “yeah, I do” that made all the guests burst into laughter.

Someone posted the video on Reddit and wrote, “Ladies – at your wedding, would this qualify as an acceptable joke, or a reasonable cause for beheading?”

Most people were amused by this whole prank and had a good laugh while watching the video.

“Look, if she’s gotten as far as marrying him then she should know him well enough to judge what he’s up to. If they’re not already on the same page about these things they’ve got bigger problems than his sense of humor and timing,” one person commented
“But it seems pretty obvious from their guests’ reactions that this is 100% who he is and that he’s a good guy, so no need for anyone to get their garter in a twist.”

But some had a different opinion about the prank as they did not find it funny.

“Honestly, I don’t appreciate this type of humour, and I would not find it funny if my FH would ‘pretend’ to have to think about whether or not he’d actually like to marry me as we’re standing there about to be wed. I think it’s pretty tacky and awkward,” one wrote.

“But if the bride found it funny, that’s great for them. For me, it would have slightly ruined the ceremony.”

Well, there are always two sides to a matter and especially when it involves a special occasion. Wedding pranks might not be a good idea for all!