Guy Completes A 2,553-Mile Bike Ride In 36 Days For An Important Cause

Taking up adventurous journeys sounds exciting but when someone takes up a challenging one just for an important cause that needs attention, it becomes inspiring! One person accomplished his mission of cycling across the States with an aim to raise awareness about the Yemen crisis. This guy cycled for over 2,500 miles and explored quite a lot while on his way.


When someone has set their mind on a task, they would be willing to go to any extent to accomplish it. Twitter user @rubydrummr knew that there were not many people who knew much about the Yemen crisis and so, he took it upon himself to raise awareness.

He grabbed his bike and hopped onto it to begin his journey. It started from Poo Poo Point and he ended it in Pee Pee Creek. That’s more than 2,500 miles to travel and he did it!

This journey is considered to be a tough one and requires a fearless attitude to complete it. This man took a valiant step by heading on this path and completing it for his cause.

It took him 36 days to finish a 2,553-mile journey on his bike. From Poo Poo Point Trail in Washington to Pee Pee Creek in Ohio, this man crossed nine states by cycling!

He tweeted about his journey and updated the people about his experience. He wrote that he ‘started crying tears of joy’ and then, had a sudden realization of crying over Pee Pee Creek that made him laugh.

The guy covered 69 miles every day on his cycle to complete the entire trip. “Not a mile more, not a mile less”, he admitted.

His tweet garnered over 380,000 and was retweeted more than 50,000 times. “I’m so glad y’all appreciate this. I’m still biking but I’ll talk more about the trip when I get times to chill,” he shared.

This man shared some locations that grabbed his attention with their unique names. “I almost forgot I passed Sharts Road on the way to pee pee creek. Can’t make this up,” he wrote.

He posted a picture of his bike that accompanied him through the harsh regions of this journey. Further, he evealed that triathlon bikes may not be suitable for such a journey but ‘broke boys gotta work with what they got’.

“I’ve tented out every night for at least 32 of the days so if someone wants to throw me on their couch between Ohio and Maine shoot me a msg! Just don’t shoot me lmao,” he finally tweeted.

This guy gave another example of how determination and a strong will can prove to be powerful companions when you decide to take up a challenge that may seem impossible at first!