Kid Orders Fart Pack For Alexa To Let Go Of Her Gas

Google Assistant Alexa that helps just by commanding is a great assistant. Mistakes can be made human or no human. A kid accidentally ordered an Extreme Fart Extension Pack for Amazon Alexa. From setting alarms, turning on music, and ordering Extreme Fart Extension Pack Alexa can do it all.


If you want to make sure that Amazon device ripe out a little bit all you have to do is say ‘Alexa, fart.’ However, one kid thought it was not as impressive and thus, took it upon himself to order an Extreme Fart Extension Pack for Amazon Alexa. To make sure that the home device let off a bit gas he ordered the pack.

The family though had no plans on hearing Alexa let her gas fly, but the kid had every intention to make sure Alexa lets go as loudly she wants. The modern household helper no longer helps you with lights, music, alarms, and reminders. She now has Extreme Fart Extension Pack for itself.

Emily Watson was going crazy hearing farts whenever she went to a room. She could hear farts in every inch of her house. But was unable to pinpoint who was the culprit. She was hearing all kinds of farts but could not figure out who was responsible. Later she found that it was their household helper Alexa who was ripping out farts in every inch of their house. But Alexa was not the real guilty.


She shared the story on her Facebook page. She wrote on the post “For the last three days, all the Alexa’s in the house have been farting. Turns out, I actually paid for this to be happening. Anyone want two kids?” Emily then contacted the Amazon customer care service and shared her conversation with amazon customer service representative on Facebook.

The representative was ready to help and wrote: “I understand your child has accidentally placed an order and you wish to cancel the order with refund. I will help you.” Emily was grateful that they could take back the device and were ready to help her with the refund. Though the Amazon customer care service representative made sure which device the party was talking about and confirmed it with Emily.

The representative confirmed: “Just to confirm, are you referring to The Extreme Farts Extension Pack?” on which Emily gave a confirmation. The post shared a lot of attention. With more than 25,000 shares, 10,000 comments and increasing the post got a reaction from more than 10,000 people.

Extreme Fart Extension Pack for Amazon Alexa is not the only fart machine available on Amazon. There are other machines such as 4AFART. The description of this one is as: “With random farts of varying levels of repugnance, there’s never a dull moment! You’ll be provided with hours of entertainment and education for the whole family.”