Man Became A Hero After He Taught A Lesson To Rude Customers

Khalil Sehnaoui became a new hero after he taught two loud customers a lesson. Not only were the customers loud but also they were being rude to the staff of the coffee shop. Khalil used his witty brain to teach them a lesson and ended up with admirers from all over the world for his actions.

Khalil Sehnaoui was enjoying his outing to his favorite coffee shop when his calming outing was interrupted by two very loud customers. He tried to ignore them and focused on his outing but no use. The two customers were being louder by every minute and disturbing everyone in the coffee shop. Everyone in the coffee shop present around those two customers was irritated from their behavior. But no one tried to interrupt the duo.

Khalil went to those two customers and politely asked them to tone down their voices so the others could enjoy their time in peace. But no avail as those two customers did not pay any attention to his request.

But to their surprise, Khalil had the perfect revenge planned for the two loud customers. Both of them were discussing their new business plan and the best name for their new business. He heard their entire conversation so he was well equipped with perfect knowledge for his revenge.

So Khalil bought the domain name of the business plan they were discussing. Only some can play like this. This was the perfect revenge plan for the two loud people. Khalil shared it on Twitter and in his post wrote, “Coffee shop. People next to me are loud and rude. They just found the perfect name for their new business. I just bought the domain name.”

His tweet led to both criticism and applaud. Many commented that he should have asked the customers to lower down their voice to which Khalil responded very calmly that he did ask them to lower down their voices but they did not pay any attention to his request. Others were very happy with his revenge plan.

He also said that he cannot stand anyone disrespecting the waiters or any staff for that matter. Which made him the hero of many people. The tweet gained attention very quickly. People commented from all over the world. One man commented, “From Baristas everywhere, thank you.” And the other said, “You sir, are the hero we deserve.”

Guess everything went down smoothly, perfectly and in style.