Man Brags About Making 7 Months Pregnant Wife Work Out

A lawyer gets criticized on the Internet as he bragged about resenting his seven-month pregnant wife, who wasn’t willing to work out.


It’s mainly the time for a woman not to force herself to do anything while being 7-months pregnant. And when it comes to fitness, the decision shall be left in their hands only. Travis D. Hughes, a real-estate lawyer of an equity firm, tweeted bragging about not resenting his wife to work out but “threw on the exercise video and did it with her.”

As conspicuous, it seemed as if he was really proud of not lecturing her for the same. And doing workouts together with your family is a great thing, but it’s okay if a 7-month-wife isn’t willing to do it for a day. Hughes wrote: “My wife, who is almost seven mos. pregnant, wasn’t in the mood to work out this morning. So, rather than lecture to her, resent her, or whine about it, I threw on the exercise video and did it with her. Our kids saw us and joined in. No one talks about this part of marriage/dating.”

Even if he tried to explain himself in his next tweets, it looked as if he was still holding up his thoughts on what he said. Pregnant women are advised to perform light exercises, and having someone to motivate them is even better. However, there won’t be any issue if she doesn’t want to do it any day. A relationship is always built by maintaining a sort of necessary competence, and if it’s missing, then it doesn’t work out well. The question arises: why would anyone resent his 7-months pregnant wife if she not in a mood for a workout?

The same query inculcated in the minds of several people on Twitter. Hughes’ motivational tweet was not appreciated but was instead seen with disgust by many. A person asked why anyone would have to resent his 7-month pregnant wife, who’s in no mood to workout. The resentment should never come into play. Above all, there is no need to share it with the audience. A woman (unmarried) also asked the same, with doubt, if this is what happens in a marriage.

Someone stated that she had been married for the last 20 years, and still, her partner never had to lecture/resent her to do anything she doesn’t like. Also, it is a misery for someone who’s 7-months pregnant. Moreover, there were several comments pertaining to the same confounding question. It is clearly a mistake that Mr. Hughes did.