Man Devastated After His Soon-To-Be Wife Sold His Late Fiancée’s Engagement Ring

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be harder than anyone can imagine. It’s never easy to move on with no grief inside you. So, it’s always better to leave people to grieve in some way for a moment, because that’s the only way they can ease their pain. And when they’ve decided to be with you, you just have to ensure the same fact.


But a man was completely tormented when his soon-to-be wife sold his late fiancée’s engagement ring in his absence. The man, 33, was in pain for four years after which he decided to move ahead in his life. His late fiancé had got a severe infection (sepsis) and eventually died in 2016. He had proposed to her when she was sick and had planned to marry her four months later. Unfortunately, she passed away even when her condition was improving.

“This was so hard for me to deal with, and I had a hard time coping, the pain was unbearable there was literally no place to just hide and forget about what happened, it’s been 4 years, I’m moving on now,” he added. Now, he was in a relationship with his girlfriend of 16 months. They started dating and this went on until he proposed to her. She moved in with him once he rented an apartment and changed his job. She’s now his fiancée of two months.

Since he moved on, he decided to give most of his lost love’s belongings back to her family but he still had some of her pictures and the engagement ring. And it was all weird in some way for his present fiancée. Though he doesn’t even wear that ring, she’s never comfortable with his memorabilia. She often came up with the idea of selling them online. As she gets sensitive when he describes it being so important, he’d tell her that he can figure out any other way.

But things went out of the hand when the rings were missing and his soon-to-wife, with no regrets, says that she had sold them on Facebook and bought some things for the apartment due to the financial issues. Well, she had no right to do something with someone’s stuff, but she got infuriated when the man talked about it. She further tried to justify that he still had feelings for his late love and asked why he’d keep her ring when he has a fiancée now.

The man told her how much he was hurt and asked for some space. His fiancée decided to spend her night at her friend’s place until he figures it out on his own and realize his mistakes. Well, it seems an oddity to him because he always tried to comfort her. “I don’t understand why she’d feel jealous, I give her all my attention and I never even talk about the past with her,” he said.

He had always ensured not to trouble her with any of his issues and now, she’s behaving differently and doesn’t even respect his feelings as well as privacy. Once he posted this on Reddit, people warned him of staying with a woman like that. A person insisted on filing a police report, even if she gets arrested for the same. He also wished if the man could get his stuff back.