Man Received 64 Replacement Debit Cards After A Glitch In Banking System

The banking system has gone through several changes in the past few decades. One of the glitches that they have made was regarding the debit card replacements. A man received 64 debit cards in a few months as a replacement. He shared a post regarding this troublesome issue and people had varying opinions on the problem.


Generally, when a debit card is terminated usually the bank replaces it with another card and makes it available to you at your doorsteps within a week or 10 days. The people usually have a habit of memorizing the identities of the debit card. However, when a new debit card arrives it takes a lot of effort to remember the new credentials. This becomes a struggling task for the public if the card keeps changing every few days. The bank materialized one of the cases unexpectedly this time.

A man named Peter got a replacement of the same debit card 64 times in several months. He shared a snapshot of all the cards and illustrated the whole incident on a website. It all started in December, the cards used to arrive after every few days. Only the expiration date and CVV number used to be different on all the cards. The picture had cards from the first expiration date 12/24 to the last expiration date 4/30 and all other cards in between those dates.

The third party handles the issuance of all these cards, so even if he did call the bank several times, they couldn’t do anything to make the situation better. This glitch gets fixed after a few months, as no new cards arrive at his place after the 64th card. He didn’t receive any cards in the past 10 days, only the card that has been replaced showed up once. He received hundreds of comments on the website related to similar kinds of problems.

My bank sent me 64 copies of the same debit card from mildlyinteresting

Some comments were hilarious. Some of those comments were like if all the 63 cards get lost or stolen, he would be still left with one extra. Writing the numbers on the blank side would change them into playing cards. The new version of rain instead of cash will be debit cards flying in the air. One of the plus points of these cards is they all could be used to purchase anything and a negative point is that the funds will be debited from the same account.

Whereas one of the people had a differing comment, he asked for seven debit cards from the bank in the past four years and still did not receive any. Some comments were positive and cheering whereas some comments were different. This represents how the banking system is nowadays, leading to contradictory problems.

This shows how the banking system is at fault. The banks are still trying to anchor this issue. There is a glitch in communication, as well as hundreds of cases with a similar kind of problem, which were detected at once. People are recognizing similar issues by posting snapshots and writing their own stories.