Man Refused To Be Best Man At Twin’s Wedding To His Ex

A man has called forth a debate after declining his twin brother’s request to be his best man because his identical sibling is marrying his ex. The 21-year-old man, who has remained unnamed, said that he had dated the girl five years earlier when they were both 16 and they lived together for two years.


But when the time came for them to finally start studying in their respective university, the couple decided to break up as the man didn’t want to stay local – his ex-however stayed in the same town. When the man came home from the university, he got to know that his identical twin had a girlfriend, but was surprised when it was brought to light, that the girl was none other than the same girl he dated.

Then His shock turned into a nightmare when it was disclosed to him that the pair got engaged, and the brother asked him to be his best man- and he refused. Sharing the story on Reddit, the twin said that he started dating his now ex-girlfriend when they were both 16, however, they decided to part ways before heading off to college when they were 18.

The man decided to go a few hours away while she decided to stay in her hometown itself. He also told that his girlfriend had good relations with his family, so their breakup was also hard for his parents to accept. When he was returning home from his first year in college, his brother surprised him with the news that he had been dating the girl for over six months.

He had only one problem- that she was his ex-girlfriend. The twin said that he was very mad at his brother, but together they rescued their relationship by agreeing that the three would never socialize together. He continued saying that he was annoyed, and his brother understood but made it clear that he had no intention of breaking up with her.

In due course, they concluded that they would continue their relationship if the twin never mentioned her in front of him or made them interact. The twin happily agreed to his terms. However not so long ago his brother disclosed to him that the two of them were engaged, and he wanted him to be his best man.

He was absolutely against his plea. He and his brother had agreed from the beginning that he would not have to attend any event where his ex would be present. His whole family has been calling him egocentric and telling him that he should be a man and deal with it. But he said that he was not comfortable being the best man at his ex’s wedding.

There were many people online who were either with him or against him in this situation. One user said that he thought that dating the sibling’s ex was an awful thing to do. He praised him for handling the situation better than anyone possibly could with the agreement he came up with. He was shocked that why would his brother think that he would agree to be his best man.

Another user said that he didn’t know if he was wrong, but if he was going to spend the rest of his life avoiding his twin’s wife because he dated her in high school, it would make his life pretty weird.