Man Shows Up At Work Dressed As A Smurf After Friends Pull A Prank On Him

We are always running out of ideas for Halloween costumes. So, when someone plans a theme for the spooky party, we love to be on the guestlist as then, we won’t have to think about the costume considering that everyone would show up in similar ones, or at least we think so. This guy was all set for his office Halloween celebration with the Smurf look on point but apparently, his co-workers pulled a prank on him!


Here’s a warning – whenever someone invites you to a Halloween party, make sure everyone is dressing up and keep checking up on their costume progress if you wish to be saved from the embarrassment later.

This man knows that awkward feeling as he survived it and later, enlightened some people by sharing his story on Reddit.

As this holiday approaches, people are filled with the “ghostly” spirit. They can even turn into fun pranksters for one night. A light-hearted jibe never hurts anyone, right?

While some plan Halloween parties at their homes, others organize one at their workplace to celebrate with their colleagues and have something to talk about for the rest of the year.

This man was given the idea that they have planned to show up as smurfs at the office for Halloween. Little did he know, his co-workers had something insane up their sleeves for him!

He dressed up as the little blue character and made his way to the workplace without sniffing any prank. With blue paint on his face and a white wig, this dedicated worker entered the place.

He wrote in his Reddit post, “All of my coworkers agreed to dress up as smurfs for Halloween. I’m the only one to go through with it.”


Yes, he was the only one in that building dressed up as the blue cartoon character. “We all agreed to dress up as different smurfs and our boss as Gargamel. No one else dressed up so I’m the only person in the warehouse who dressed up,” he revealed in the comments.

The Reddit users who landed on this post found it hysterical and left some witty comments. “’I’m the only one to go through with it.’ Narrator: And thats when the coworkers knew their plan was a success,” one wrote.

“You’re the one with courage and integrity for following through. Good for you,” another user appreciated his spirit.

We wonder what he did to be the target of this leg-pull! But we can tell everyone had a good laugh (maybe after a banter) and that’s what holidays are all about.