Man Tricked Girlfriend Into Wearing White For Friend’s Wedding

Having a best friend is equivalent to pulling off pranks on one another. But a man crossed his line when he persuaded his girlfriend to wear white at his best friend’s wedding. All of it was just a joke for him and his best friend. Nonetheless, the bride didn’t like the prank and neither did his girlfriend.


The pranks were normal for the man and his best friend. Their friendship was based on it. It is their thing to do with one another. Once his best friend invited him to a party and told him that it was a costume party. When the man arrived, he was amused seeing everyone in normal attire. He was embarrassed at first but later they both laughed at it.

Both friends were comfortable with the pranks done on them by each other. This is why, when the best friend announced his big day, it gave the man an opportunity to make the day memorable. He planned a big surprise for him on the wedding day.

The man told his girlfriend to wear white as it was expected from every woman to be in white. As the color is for the bride, the girlfriend was naturally hesitant to believe that. However, by hook or crook, the man convinced her to wear the color. She, having no idea what was going on in his mind, bought a beautiful white dress.

On the big day, the girlfriend arrived at the wedding and was shocked to see everyone else in normal wedding attire. She was furious at her boyfriend. It was a moment of embarrassment for her. On the other hand, both friends were having their moment. The best friend even thought that it was their wedding instead of his.

It was the topic of fun till the time bride was involved in the situation. She was a very chill person normally but, on that day, she made a huge fuss out of it. It was natural for her to be furious as it was her wedding day. The man’s best friend tried to calm her down. He even told her that it was just another dress. This would not make her less special or snatch away her share of attention.


Seeing all the reactions, the man started feeling guilty. He thought maybe he has gone too far with the prank and wanted people’s opinions on the issue. Despite this, he was still reluctant to believe that he has done something wrong.

One of the readers didn’t accept this as a prank and listed his mistakes. The unanimous reader told the man that he was not correct in a lot of places. First, in order to prank his best friend, he dragged his girlfriend into this. She shouldn’t be part of the prank between friends as she was the one who was embarrassed the most at the end.

Secondly, he snatched away the attention from the bride. She might be okay with the pranks but it was her wedding day and no one could be okay with what he has done.

Thirdly, he didn’t apologize for the mistake he committed. Instead, he was justifying his behavior. It would be better if he has realized his mistakes and said sorry to both the bride and girlfriend to make the situation better.

Sometimes our pranks cross its limits. We hope that the man would realize the impact of his harmless actions.