McDonald’s ‘Drive-Thru’ Refused To Serve A Disabled Man On Mobility Scooter

Did you know that scooters aren’t allowed in ‘Drive-Thru’, sounds strange right! We didn’t know that either. Lately, a Disabled man was refused service at McDonald’s drive-thru because he was on a mobility scooter.


Mark Waite who hails from Hampshire, is a 50-year-old man who is, unfortunately suffering from lupus and osteoporosis. He spoke about the incident and said he couldn’t sleep and so he decided to try the new Saver menu burger. Since the restaurant had closed by then so he thought of using the drive-thru window where he was eventually refused to be served.

Because of his health conditions, he is compelled to drive a 3-mobility scooter which is also validated by DVLA. Moreover, it is a valid mode of transport under McDonald’s policy. Mark stated the same facts to the employees but they very heartlessly said ‘We don’t sever to mobility scooters. Mark was filled with anger hearing this response because the employees were being totally illogical.

In one of his interviews, Mark said that he is already conscious and ashamed about his health conditions, and this incident just added on to it. He further added that he was immensely disheartened with it. And no one deserves to be discriminated against, because of their disability. Although after knowing about the incident McDonald’s spokesperson apologized to him and ensured him that this would never happen again. Employees of the restaurant were also instructed to apologize to Mark in person. The company also tried to formulate a new transport policy.

McDonald’s had quite a history of discriminating against people because of some absurd reasons. Once a homeless man was refused to be served not because he was penniless but because he was shabbily dressed. Recently a paramedic’s officer was also discriminated at McDonald’s. Having said that we won’t deny that the company hasn’t ever hesitated to take legitimate action for such issues.

McDonald’s is a huge brand; it has got branches in almost all the countries in the world. And it has made an indelible mark in the international market too. But apart from making profits an organization have other social responsibilities too. They make profits because of society and hence they definitely owe it back to society. Companies like McDonald’s should try their level best to fulfill those social responsibilities too.

In these tough times, people are fighting really hard just to survive. By being insensitive or inconsiderate, we would only break their spirit to live. Being kind is the least we could do. So, let’s just be a little kinder and more sensitive because it would certainly not dampen anything either our wealth or our health for that matter. Rather it would make the world a better place to live in.