Mom Let Dad Decide The Theme For Kid’s Birthday Party- Regrets Her Call

Planning a child’s birthday party is a ninja skill, and while we’re at it, it’s natural for us to relive our childhood in those moments. The day is not only special to the birthday child but to the parents too, after all, it’s them who go through all the hush-rush- and so they are entitled to have some fun too! But playing around with the theme of the party?

No matter what theme you choose the important part is that everything should be perfect and there’s a lot of pressure about the same, especially when it is your child’s very first birthday, you just want to focus on making them proud, whenever they look back at the day’s pictures.

And this one family was too busy preparing for their son’s first birthday but the catch here is that the theme selected was completely unusual and out of the box- Costco which means a grocery store, wait, what? Well, yes, and even though the whole plot is very unconvincing the parents did their bits to the best, they surely did not hold back of lagged in creativity.

Josie, the mother of two, a 4-year-old girl Madison, as well as this little one named Mason, was preparing for Mason’s first birthday, and soon she took to her social media account to share their not so ordinary story.

The couple has been married for six years now and since the Sebastian (the dad) is a financial advisor, it’s natural for him to make smart financial calls and thus his love for Costco is obvious. Also, the party was pretty last minute and everything had to be done within a short span of two weeks and so when the given theme was selected, Josie was complete shocked but none the less she began the preparations. Since the party was around Halloween, pictures of kids and animals dressed as grocery store employees were very common.


Now since the parents wanted Mason to be the center of all attention, they put up his picture on an artificial Employee of the year banner, but not all was easy they had to ensure Madison did not feel left out or uneasy, name badges for foods were printed, and snack trays were kept like a grocery store shack, and as per the mother it was pretty simple to put together the whole thing. But why this theme? Simply because the family wanted to dedicate something to the Costco brand from where they mostly buy their groceries.

A few months ago when Madison asked her dad, ‘where do babies come from?’ the most immediate response that came out was ‘from Costco’ and thus, this theme quickly struck his head.

And while Mason may not know what exactly was going on, the parents sure had some fun and anyway, if they wanted to keep a theme that matched Mason’s aura it would have to be ‘clap and eat crap’, so by the photos that we have seen online, the party was pretty good.