Mom’s Hilarious Hack To Save Dying Plant Left People In Stitches

In our day to day lives, we all come around various things which tend to lose their charm after some period of time, even when we want them for longer. So, having said this do we just end those things and dump them? No right. We try our best to make sure that it lasts forever or maybe as long as it can because either it’s close to us or it holds a heavy price. So, by hook or by crook, we somehow manage to come up with an idea which can solve our problem.


Well, same is the case with Gail Woollaston, a 38-year-old mother, from Birmingham who was caught up in a similar situation of bringing her plants back to life, which were almost of no use as they were slowly losing their sparkle. Being DIY obsessed, finding a solution to this problem and bringing back the same old shine in her plants became bit of a task because not that she was close to them but because those plants held a heavy price.

Therefore, she could either get rid of them and buy new ones paying another massive price or come up with something rather quirky to save the already existing ones. And if not saving, at least to be presentable enough.

Therefore, this mum came up with a strange yet funny way of protecting her plants to make sure that they looked fresh and new as before. And for this, Gail visited the nearest hardware store and went on for purchasing some green spray paint. You’ve probably guessed by now, where this is going. And yes, you are right.

Gail applied the green paint on the dry leaves and guess what, in no time they were as new as before. She always wanted to do something out of the box and this was her opportunity. Soon this crazy idea of hers went viral on Facebook leaving people astonished. Adding on further, Gail explained that her first trial of spraying the plants didn’t go as per her expectations but being DIY obsessed, she improvised it by mixings some more colors to the paint to overcome the unnatural look that the green paint was giving.

And now, Gail didn’t need to buy new plants for her house because now all she does was, uses this trick of hers whenever she ended up with some dry and dead plants. Although there will be many people out there who won’t approve of this life hack but who cares, if you ending up saving good amount of money!