Mother Accused By A Lady Of Shoplifting Using A Fake Baby

A Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvanian woman named Patricia Larkin was recently accused of shoplifting, while she was busy purchasing at the Aldi, along with her two-month-old baby daughter Eliana. The mother-daughter duo was having their happy time, shopping for stuff a misinformed and misguided woman appeared out of nowhere to accuse Patricia of stealing yogurt using a plastic baby.


Well yes, you read that correctly. Even though she was not at all trying to sneak in some free goodies, yet the situation did cause her social humiliation and thus she took to a community page on Facebook to set the records straight by sharing the story of the weird incident and the bizarre woman.

Larkin’s interview pointed towards her focusing on her shopping and her baby when a total stranger approached her. She recalled that the day was Monday and the store at the Lacey Township Aldi was fairly crowded. She was busy buying goods along with Edward, her husband, and Rosalia, her three-year-old daughter and Eliana, who was fast asleep.

We all know how troublesome infants can get during a shopping spree, and so by far it was a complete win for Patricia, but things turned troublesome when a nearby woman approached her and pointed out that Patricia had her hands all full, taking it as a general remark, she simply responded that it was all a part of her mommy duty. So far so good, both exchanged a smile and went their own ways, but what the mother of two wasn’t expecting is to meet the same woman again in the checkout queue.

This lady who was ahead of Patricia in the line, leaned towards the cashier and accused her of being a yogurt thief. And even though Larkin insisted on not having stolen anything yet she had to get all her items and her family thoroughly checked. In fact, the woman did not stop there, she even went onto accuse her of using a fake baby as some kind of trap and decoy, wait-what?! Although she and her husband were embarrassed yet they thought that the accusation was funny.

Both she and her husband laughed out loud at the woman’s stupidity, and so did the cash person, who too was ashamed of the trouble caused to the Larkins, said Patricia. And so to clarify the whole thing and also give the other townies something to laugh about she shared her story on the Lacy Township Chatter page on Facebook.

She primarily pointed out three things, one that her baby was real, two that yogurt was pretty inexpensive and three that Patricia was lactose intolerant. She ended her post by thanking this mysterious woman for the good laugh as the mommy of the 100% real baby had been up all night, taking care of her.