Mother-In-Law Hit Couple With “Grandkid Contract” In Return Of Footing The Wedding Bill

A Reddit user took on her account to share her rankling wedding story. She revealed that her mother-in-law had asked her and her fiancé to sign a contract of having just one child after their wedding. In return, she offered to foot the entire wedding bill. The post had sent Reddit users into hysterics.


Weddings are blooming at a very high rate to break the deadlock of expenditures. Thus, it has become common to find the newly-married couples roaming around with big wedding bills. In this sumptuous trend, the lovebirds take a sigh of relief when their near and dear ones pop in to share the burden of their wedding expenses. A couple went through a similar bubble of happiness when the mother-in-law of the bride stepped in to foot the bill of their wedding.

The soon-to-be bride and groom had fallen in love while pursuing their concern regarding society. Since then, they had come a long way and even exchanged their rings. So it was time for them to tie the knot with the eternal threads of their love. Finally, the wedding date came in for them.


The soon-to-be bride did not have her parents to back her for her dream day. Adding to that, the bride and groom were social workers. So they did not have enough bullion to go for a grand wedding. Owing to their weak financial condition, the couple was looking at the alternative option like eloping. But her mother-in-law appeared on the scene to offer to foot their wedding bill. She wanted it to be a lavish affair that could suit her standards. The couple did not want her to lose out on that opportunity. Thus, they happily gave her charge of their wedding.

But to their dismay, the bubble of happiness burst soon. The mother-in-law turned up with a contract one day. It stated that the couple was only allowed to have one child and must immediately get on contraception after his/her birth. The could not believe it. They had to accept the terms to have her pay their wedding bill.


Unwinding her bewilderment on her Reddit account, the soon-to-be bride shared the contract part with the world. On grabbing the bits of her post, other users turned up to express their disgust. Many of them advised to cut down their wedding plans. Then a Reddit user stepped in giving it a different angle. The person brought out that the mother might not have the required amount, so she might be trying to make them cancel their wedding to evade the “hook”.

Breaking the skepticism apart, the soon-to-be bride said that all of the contracts for her wedding were in her mother-in-law’s name only. Adding to that she said that she had been nothing but generous and considerable thus far, so that contract had seemed extremely out of her behavior. Also, she thought that her mother-in-law was not having any financial problem.

Taking on the children part, she shared that her mother-in-law had seemed excited for grandchildren. So they were still digging for the origin of the winds of that awful contract.

Hopefully, the family would be able to stitch together to fill the gaps that the contract dug up there.