Mother Snapped At MIL For Refusing To Stop Touching Daughter’s Face

In a world where COVID-19 didn't change the lifestyle of every person on earth, some stories we read today won't make any sense. We won't find a grandmother that got lashed for touching her granddaughter's face too much. A Reddit user shared an incident where she got worried by the affection given to her child by her mother-in-law.


A mother of a baby girl posted about a recent incident that happened at a party. OP took her story to Reddit’s JUSTNOMIL thread to ask for other users’ views on her problem. OP mentioned that this happened at a bridal shower where her MIL kept touching and caressing her daughter’s hair. MIL kept fixing her hair and, this made OP lose her cool at her MIL. The user also mentioned that the event was organized by keeping COVID-19 precaution in mind. Still, her MIL didn’t seem to care about the pandemic.

As OP snapped and told her MIL to stop the unnecessary touching of her daughter’s face. OP mentioned that people shouldn’t touch their own faces at these times so touching a little child’s face is not right. After OP burst with anger at her MIL, she got worried that she would take it in the wrong way. As soon as she lashed out, she felt a wave full of regrets.

OP didn’t want to offend her MIL but at the instant, she couldn’t stop herself.

To this incident, the Reddit user shared strange views. One user wrote that they should treat the baby like a baby. Another came forward in support of the OP, wrote that she didn’t do anything wrong by telling her MIL to butt-off. We shouldn’t be touching our faces due to the risk of COVID-19. Further, the user added that she needed to stop that and, you did.

Another user shared a similar incident of hers, where she lashed out at her MIL for touching her son’s face and lips over and over again.

Some users wrote against the OP. One user commented that let if COVID-19 wasn’t a thing, the OP overreacted and should stop being a diva. Another user said that if the MIL was abiding by the precaution, OP shouldn’t worry about her child’s safety.

OP and her MIL haven’t seen eye to eye for a while. She added that she had maintained her distance from MIL, as OP’s MIL said that she was the one imposing her negativity over the child. Even after a heated argument, she stood her ground. At last, OP mentioned that she had to build the courage to tell her MIL to stop. To OP, all that mattered was that she kept her baby safe from germs.