Olly Murs’ Girlfriend Played A Savage Prank On Him

Well, karma is a bitch and the couple has proven it. Olly Murs’ took her revenge with a prank after Olly pulled several pranks on her. She had a savage cello tape prank on her sleeve after Olly pulled the pool prank on her. She cello taped his phone to his face while he was using his phone.


Olly Mur, a 35-year-old, the singer shared the video of his girlfriend pranking him by cello taping the star’s phone to his face while he was drinking his beer and scrolling down the phone. Well, first she gave a menacing look in the camera of her phone which she had hidden to record everything while holding a cello tape. She went to Olly and made it look like she was hugging him from behind.

While she pretended to hug him from behind she cello taped his phone to his face. This left him kicking and screaming. He was in a burst of hysterical laughter and shouted: “babes what are you doing!?” She was carried away with the pending revenge and when it was done screamed “Yes!” After the video was shared everyone cheered for Amelia including Robbie Williams’ wife Ayda Field. Lizzy Cundy even wrote: “She gotcha!! Well done!!”

The Voice judge had already pulled several pranks on his girlfriend. One hysterical prank was of messing with his girlfriend while she was enjoying her Sunday workout. He shared the video of the prank where he spoke in an Attenborough style wildlife documentary voice. He whispered “As you can see Amelia Tank is doing a workout. She’s hot, she’s sweaty, and I think she needs to be cooled down.”

He then doused her with water using a massive water gun. While she was shouting “I hate you!” the singer posted the video with a caption “She needed a cool down #stayathome #sundays #shelovesme #really”. The pranks did not end here. Olly pulled another prank on her. He dropped his girlfriend in the pool and shared the video of it as well.

The couple was making a TikTok video but Olly changed it into a prank last minute. There was another time when Olly did a nasty one on Amelia, he farted on her face and ran away. The couple started dating last year in summer and went out for the first time together in public at Christmas.

The couple is self-isolating together in the Essex mansion. A source shared that “He hadn’t had a serious relationship for a good few years before Amelia came along because he was waiting for the right girl. Now he feels he has found that woman. He is so happy and everything is going really well. They spend all their time together so it was the natural progression for her to move in, and there is plenty of room.” Well, one can see that the couple is terrorizing each other with pranks but may they be always together and happy.