Sister-In-Law Stole Bride’s Wedding Day For Her C-Section

One happy family is rare, when it comes to family we are surely talking about drama. This happened with a bride and her soon-to-be sister-in-law. It seems like the sister-in-law has some problems with the bride and wants to take away the limelight off of the bride on her wedding day.


The problems started when the bride learned that her sister-in-law’s baby shower and her bridal shower are on the same date. The bride in her Reddit post shared how her sister-in-law was pampered from the very beginning due to which she is very spoilt and always wants the limelight.

The bride shared that she had sent out invites for her bridal shower to her relatives and her fiancé for 19th May. Exactly after one week, her sister-in-law sent out invites for her baby shower for the same date. Many of the relatives who had RSVPed for her shower missed it and reached her sister-in-law’s baby shower.


On top of that, her sister-in-law reached her bridal shower in the last hour wearing a white dress, a tiara and a satin sash over her chest. This was just the beginning and later what her sister-in-law did with the bride and her brother was not even expected.

The couple announced the date of her marriage, booked the hall, minister, caterer, and everything was paid. Invites were also sent and people had start RSVPing for their wedding. Just one week before the wedding her sister-in-law announced that the date for her C-section is June 8 as well.

Her sister-in-law has a placenta condition which makes it dangerous for her to give birth vaginally but otherwise, her pregnancy is not at risk. Later her brother-in-law revealed that the doctor was giving them the date for June 12th, but his wife insisted on June 8th. There was not even an emergency for a C-section since the family knew about her condition for five months.


Since the family is very close-knit, many of them backed out from the wedding and want to be present at the hospital for the first grandchild of the family. Listening to that many more people backed out. Her sister-in-law on purpose asked her whether she was upset about the date clash and the bride has a meltdown in front of everyone.

Due to this the groom no longer wants a big marriage, he wants to go to a courtroom for their wedding. People reading the post had mixed emotions about it. Some thought that sister-in-law is being mean on purpose and just wants the attention because she is spoilt. Others believe that the bride should adjust and is just in her bridezilla behavior.

Whereas the bride thinks that her sister-in-law is doing everything on purpose and wants to snatch her happiness. She is selfish and cannot even give her a day from the whole year. Later it was pointed out that her sister-in-law was doing everything on purpose, her husband was so hurt that he did not meet his niece till three weeks after the birth.