Stranger Judged A Pregnant Woman’s Drink And Her Comeback Is Ultimate

Everybody starts caring for a pregnant woman when they see one. From giving them a seat to sit to the advice of what to eat and what not, even if they do not know the lady. This exactly happens with a guy who advised a pregnant lady not to have her daily coffee.


The lady was sitting at Starbucks minding her own business and just went to get a cup of coffee when a stranger out of nowhere came at her. He started advising that she should not have coffee while she is pregnant as it is not good for the baby’s health.

The lady was stunned and replied that she is not pregnant to which the man profusely apologized. But in reality, the woman is six months pregnant. The woman shared this incident on Twitter and pretty soon it became viral with thousands of likes and shares. People had mixed reactions to the tweet.

Some people appreciated her bossiness and wished they could handle people the same way she handled. Preggers from all over shared that everybody keeps advising them unnecessarily and it is seriously taking a toll on their mental health. People called her their hero for her remark to the stranger.

But not everyone on Twitter was proud of the mother to be, some were seriously taken aback from the comeback of the lady. People believed that the stranger is right and a pregnant lady should not drink coffee as it can harm the baby. Some even commented that being savage or a hero is more important to the lady than the health of her baby.

To which the lady posted pictures of books so that the public can read and get some knowledge about pregnancy. The lady said if you guys want me to follow what a stranger asked me to do rather than what my doctor has advised me to do then it is fine. She said a stranger would not know her body and health like her doctor knows and nobody can come at me especially a stranger.

She rolled her eyes at people who believed that she was risking her baby’s life for coffee. She commented, “I should follow the advice of random people at Starbucks instead of my doctors, midwives, and the actual research.” According to research pregnant women can drink coffee every day but up to a certain limit.

In her final tweet, she shared her emotions with the public and the reason why she reacted the way she did. “When you’re pregnant, it’s strange enough to lose so much of your body autonomy to the baby, but then everyone else confirms it’s no longer your body as well. It’s the worst part about being pregnant.”

Strangely, people comment and advice you all the time when you are already going through so many bodily changes every day.