Student Designs A Real-Life Replica Of Batmobile To Drive Around Campus

Movies and shows tend to leave a strong impact on us and sometimes, the characters and their chattels impress the audience to the extent that they want to imitate them. One such thing is Batman’s ingenious vehicles and there have been certain creations similar to the Batmobile. This one student’s real-life and functional Batmobile has taken us back to Gotham.


College students can be really innovative especially when they decide to follow their favorite fictional character. This college student has revealed his innovative side by building an impressive Batmobile that he uses to drive around his campus.

Nguyen Dac Chung, a Vietnamese student has realized his dream of driving the caped crusader’s wheels that he created himself. His car turned out to be an outstanding version of the original one with functional installations and a brilliant black exterior.

This 23-year-old from Hanoi had his eyes on the Batmobile since he watched Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. He revealed, “I was so impressed with the car and I fell in love with it the first time it appeared in the movie.”

He allowed his passion and love for the vehicle to drive him towards turning his imagination into a reality. Now, he has his hands on the steering wheel of this genius creation!

Once this student set his mind on building a real-life Batmobile, there was no turning back. He put in a lot of hard and smart work to accomplish his mission of presenting his replica of the iconic supercar to the world.

His version of Batmobile is 3.6m long, 2.6m wide, and 1.5m high. There might a few features missing in this replica. But that makes sense since it’s made for the real roads of real cities! So, don’t expect rocket launchers, mines, machine guns, etc. to make any appearance while Nguyen drives it around his college campus.

This Batmobile replica is designed in a way that it could reach a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour on a straight road. It is powered by a 400 cubic centimeter engine with four cylinders. Also, the doors of the car open upwards similar to the way it’s shown in the movie.

The vehicle can give a ride to 2 people at a time. “A total of six team members worked on this car. I got the idea to construct this car as a first-year student. The car has a bold look and is eye-catching thanks to its all-black body,” Nguyen proudly shared.

“To construct the frame, I had to design a 3D replica based on the movie concept. Honestly, all stages were challenging, though the hardest one was collecting parts. The frame and body were found in Vietnam, but I had to import the tires and some parts, he added.

He explained the design and all the safety measures he took to complete the project. “My car only has the replicated shape and uses a motorbike exhaust pipe.”

At times, he felt discouraged and wanted to leave the project but he always went “back to the reason I started to get motivated… I am really happy to see my brainchild… I am proud of it because of the difficulties I overcame”.

Such creations carry a heavyweight of expenditure. Nguyen has paid $21,600 initially but he still had some final touches to give to this Batmobile.