This 105-Year-Old Woman Says Being Single Made Her Live This Long

We all wish for a healthy long life. But what is the secret to crossing a hundred years? Brenda Osborne is going strong at 105 years and she believes it is because she avoided men all along. Yes, that’s her secret!

We believe that our eating habits, our lifestyle and other health factors contribute to the number of years we live. However, 105-year-old Brenda Osborne is revealing a different side to longevity.

Brenda celebrated her 105th birthday at the nursing home and expressed her views on living a longer life. She shared her secrets with everyone present there.

Stepping into her 105th year, she understands that staying away from men was one of the major factors that made her enter this phase.

Brenda was born in 1913 and since then, she has witnessed a lot including World War I and World War II. She recalls every good and bad part of her life till now and how she managed to complete a century of life and reach here!

Avoiding men, putting all the hard work in your job and inhaling some fresh air once in a while are some of the tips she shared with her caretakers. Take notes!

For a better part of the century, she lived in her childhood home. Now, she has shifted to this nursing home where she is taken care of.

Brenda worked as a nurse for 33 years and during these years, she put in all the efforts and dedication. She just took one sick day and got awarded for this achievement!

Brenda expressed her thoughts on her 105th birthday celebration by saying, “I would put my good health down to hard work and avoiding men. I loved celebrating my birthday although I was disappointed the Queen didn’t come.”

According to her, the Queen sent her a letter, but for Brenda, that wasn’t enough. She wished she could meet her.

Turning 105 is a big deal and we are glad we know the secret to attaining it!