This Creative Student Gave A Review For The Movie Fight Club And It Is Just One Sentence

Don’t we all hate assignments? We try to write as little as we can, don’t we? This woman did exactly the same when she was asked to give a review of Fight Club. She wrote a sentence for giving the review and received grade A.

College assignments are all about showing our creativity. Some students risk their grades and do what they feel like in their assignments. Alisson Garret is one of them. However, she turned out to be one of the few lucky ones.

She was assigned to write an essay of at least 500 words. However, she decided to write just one sentence.

Say what?

Yes, she wrote, “Fight Club
‘The first rule of fight club is: you do not talk about fight club.’”

We are not trying to pull your chain. That is all she wrote for her assignment.

For all the people who have seen the movie, know that this review sums everything up.

Alisson’s professor seemed to understand her humor and gave her 100/100 for the essay she wrote.

Instead of 500 words, she wrote 16 words and that was enough for her to get grade A.
The unconventional review had wit and that’s exactly what her professor must have liked.
The post was viral and got 29k retweets.

Alison decided to use her newly earned fame for a cause and asked people to help her friend’s mother, who has been suffering from a rare form of cancer.