This Mum Had A “Creative” Idea For Her Little One’s Potty Training And It’s Hilarious

At every stage of growing, parents need to teach their kids a lot of daily activities and “potty training” is one of them. One mom’s way of training her little one in this field gained a lot of attention as it was hilarious!

When Shona McLoughlin’s daughter, Erin Rose turned 26 months old, Shona had to start the process of potty training her. She did not want to do it the conventional way as she knew the “risk” involved.

So, she came up with an awesome idea that will prevent her from ruining her home while her daughter is in the learning phase. She bought 25 large bed incontinence pads for just £7 and placed them all around the house including the floor and sofa.

Shona and Edward prepared themselves for any “unannounced incident” that can occur during potty training Rose. They made sure that all the components of the house are covered with those ultra-absorbent pads especially the floor and the sofa.

The baby gates surrounded the living room. The placement of Erin’s potty was fixed in the training area, right in its center.

Imagine a house covered in absorbent pads to ward of the risks of teaching your little one about taking a dump! The scene was as funny as it sounds.

Shona posted the pictures of her house on social media and people couldn’t stop but share it. She shared her experience, “I had no idea what I was doing or what to expect. I just had visions of little accidents absolutely everywhere. Honestly, we just thought it was a normal thing to do, covering the floor for the first few days to protect it.”


You did the right thing, Shona!

She further added that this plan saved them from the task of cleaning the mess all day long. The floor and the furniture could be in a safe zone with this coverage!

The pictures reached so many parents who applauded Shona for her smart trick! The parents from around the world found this really witty and extremely helpful. Shona expressed, “So many people have thanked me for the ‘ingenious’ idea and for the laughs, showing the honest side of parenting.”

“We didn’t know how long it would take for her to take to the potty but she has been fantastic. She’s almost got it after just a week”, said Shona.

Everything looks great in their home now. The learning will continue and Shona and Edward are all set for the next phase of parenting.