This Mum Used Pajamas As Her Weapon To Embarrass Her Reckless Daughter

An Indian Author wrote the book “Pyjamas are forgiving”. The title is apt and true to our beliefs of real life. This woman used her pajamas to embarrass her reckless daughter and it sets parenting goal.

This mother came to Mumsnet to share her story. She has a reason to wear pajamas and it is a sign of good parenting. Adolescents are tough to deal with. They are not really aware of what they do and say.

This woman’s teenage daughter was off to town to meet her friends. Flumpsnlumpsnstuff explained that it was a tough week for her. She and her husband had been working for their youngest daughter’s art project. The problem was that the result was not desirable and it ended up being a straight-up disaster.

She wrote, “Today was my only day off, I’m washing and ironing when my eldest daughter (13 years-old) announces she’s off to town with mates.

Fine, I went to put washing away and found all the clean washing I put up previously dumped on the floor so was slightly cross – raging mad – when she text to say not coming home at the agreed time so I should come and fetch her two hours later.”

It is easy for parents to get frustrated when their kids don’t follow the instructions they are given. This mother was pissed when her calls were diverted and there was no reply to her texts.

She further stated, “I tried to call repeatedly and got diverted. I text asking her to call and explaining this wasn’t acceptable.

She texted back that I was being unfair and she wasn’t leaving till she was ready.”

The mother was not going to take it any further.

She grabbed her teddy bear pajamas and zebra dressing gown and walked around in the outfit until her “not-so-obedient” daughter saw her.

The mother explained, “I walked around town till I found her – and to say she was mortified was an understatement. I don’t think I’ll even need to ground her.”

The parents on the platform are praising her for pulling her A-Game. This kind of parenting is all we need to follow.

A user named Nap Queen commented, “That’s a total win for Parenting A Teen award!”
Another one said, “You have my utmost respect.”

On the other hand, kids had a problem with such acts of parents.

Well, we can’t deny that embarrassment can actually teach big lessons to kids. So, why not just do that and make them behave.