This Woman Buys Lacy Lingerie Worth 2600 Euros Every Year Due To Strict Dress Code At Work

27 year old, Ellie Hatfull from Australia reveals that she has more than 150 sets of lingerie and has spent more than 2600 Euros on them. That might seem like a huge number to some but Hatfull has had a huge passion for inner-wear ever since she was a kid.


However, her addiction started when due to strict dress code at work, she wasn’t able to express herself through her clothes. So she started buying and wearing beautiful inner-wear underneath her work clothes everyday because wearing them made her “feel good to herself”. Soon she had a huge collection of more than 150 lacy pairs.

When the Sydney based Hatfull noticed she was collecting a good collection of inner-wear, she decided to showcase it all in her social media handle, haze and lace, which has now garnered more than 41,000 followers. On her page, she has described herself as a self-confessed inner-wear addict and her followers love to see her wearing new numbers.


In an interview she explained how she was obsessed with fashion from a young age but how her job restrictions limits her to express her style. “Because of these limitations, I started channeling my personal style through my lingerie. No one would see, but it would make me feel good to carry something on that I knew was fair to myself”, she said in the interview. She even joked about how her outfits even get her into trouble at work.

In her blog she says said that Management comes by and comments on how her outfit is not work appropriate. Something along the lines of “not the company’s atheistic”.

Her addiction has helped her becoming more body positive while also enjoying the taboo aspect that comes with it. “You don’t wake up one day and just decide to be positive about your body. It’s a slow progress unlearning all the lessons and expectations you’ve been told before”.

Hatfull has now quit her Day job so she could now concentrate on her Instagram page for which she is more passionate about. Speaking about her page she said, “I wanted to get involved, meet new people and share the love with like minded people. One day I just decided to start a page and it was the best decision I ever made”.