WFH Father Demands Complete Silence From His Family

The covid-19 pandemic has forced us to do work from home. This transition hasn’t been easy for all, especially those with kids at home. Everyone is trying to create some nice working conditions at home. A man has shared his experience and his unreasonable demand on a social media platform, hoping to hear some support from fellow men.


He has complained that his wife and twin toddlers do not respect him by having the nerve to make noise while he is working from home. He expects them to be 100% silent during his work hours as apparently, his need to concentrate is vital to him completing his workload. This kind of demand makes people question, “Did he ever spend five minutes with twins cooped up inside?”

He explained on his post that they have small apartment, just enough for the four of them. He thinks it’s her wife’s job to keep them silent as she is a stay at home. He even expresses his thoughts with her wife asking for help in some of chores. He explains that even when they try to be quiet, he can still hear voices of his wife talking, kids playing in other or sound of TV.

According to him, he’s been “VERY patient” with his family while they get used to this new working arrangement. But his patience ran out and he told his wife that he’s the one working in family and paying for everything and the least they can do is give him some while his working hours. He adds on that it hurts that she doesn’t appreciate how hard he work or even doesn’t care for his feelings. Even though, in his opinion, he does his fair share by keeping a roof over their heads.

AITA for needing 100% silence? from AmItheAsshole

Most people did not see his point at all and supported his wife. One user commented that the father doesn’t appreciate his wife at all. Other one reminded him of the breaks he gets from his paid work while his wife gets none from her unpaid work. Many told him to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones rather than expecting his family to be quiet. Some doubt his workplace to be 100% quiet. Someone pointed that he needs to reevaluate how he treats his family.

To a surprise, there were a few people who had the dad’s back. One person commented that it is wife’s job to help figure things out and accommodate for the father. One person wrote that taking care of kids and thehouse may be a full time job but it is not as tiring as the regular 40/week hour job.

Many believed this dad had the audacity to invade his wife’s workplace and demand that she change everything to suit him. But the father didn’t learn anything from the backlash. He later on commented that hedoesn’t deny that it’s hard to care for children. But he doesn’t expect her to come and help him at his job as it’s his job and he believes the reverse is true as well. She wanted to be a stay at home mom, so that’s her job, not his.