Wife’s Plan To Put Husband On ‘Chores Point System’ Backfired

When you are in a marriage, you try to have an equal partnership. The housework and other household chores are divided between the two but often one person feels that there is more burden on their shoulder. It sometimes leads to an argument. To avoid such a scenario, a wife came up with a brilliant plan to keep her husband engaged in the household work with a point system.


She planned everything to keep him motivated and sane as he also worked as an essential worker. She misunderstood that she had got everything under control until it blew up in her face. She shared her story on Reddit and everyone had a laugh.

A story was posted by her on Reddit’s TIFU group where she shared how she tried to solve the common chores division problem in her marriage. She made a list of activities which was to be done by her husband that would help him to earn points which could be redeemed by him byusing the rewards.

She mixed up some of the fun chores with some difficult tasks. He could earn points by making a new dish with the items they had in the pantry, taking their dog for a walk and by finding a new TV show. She combined these tasks with other practical things like doing a batch of laundry or cleaning the dresser. Each task had some points assigned to it which would help her husband to win rewards.

TIFU by instituting a “point system” for my spouse to try to get housework done from tifu

For the rewards, she put up small things like she would watch a movie with him of his choice or she would cook his favorite dish. She assigned the points arbitrary. Some tasks had higher point value while some had lower point value.

She did this so as to make him stay at home due to lockdown. She didn’t give much thought to the guidelines and that’s where she made a mistake. One of the rewards was he could have her do anything from the activities list if he could redeem double the points value.

Initially she thought that everything was going as per her plan because her husband finished all the tasks. He earned enough points to redeem any reward. Therefore, when she woke up the next day, her husband started to redeem all the points by making her do all the hard tasks like cleaning out his dresser, doing the laundry and taking the dog for a walk in the rain. He still had some of points left to redeem.

People commented on her post and suggested that she should have made a daily quest system where he could earn points for a specific task once a day. Some people praised the husband for taking advantage of the loop hole. They said that it was amazing what he did. Another one wrote that the only winner here was the dog who was having the time of his life.