Woman Epically Reminds MIL She Is Not Interest In Mothering Her Husband

In every relationship, partners know their responsibility. But sometimes things can be messy when others try to intrude in a relationship. A similar situation was faced by a woman whose MIL was trespassing her boundaries. Frustrated by her MIL, the woman took it to social media where people flooded their opinions and sympathized with the woman.


The husband and wife were independent people and knew their duties. Like, if the person committed a mistake, the person didn’t blame the partner for not reminding them. The woman even agreed that she had been into relationships where she felt more like a mom rather than a partner. She played various roles like reminding her boyfriend to carry on with his studies, getting him out of the bed to get him to his work, maintained a record of his vehicle maintenance and assisted with the household chores.

However, the woman was thrilled as she felt equal to his partner. She told that being in a relationship where you are responsible for your own actions was much simpler than being in a relationship where you literally had to babysit. She further explained how exhilarating it was to have husband like him. For example, if she flaked out, then it would be obviously her look out and not his husband’s. He took responsibility for his part of the household and his own social calendar.

The husband appreciated the fact that the wife didn’t bother him about his responsibilities. The woman told that his husband would rather deal pique of calling up a locksmith than the annoyance of his girl asking him daily, ‘Did you remember your keys?’ In other words, they were mature enough and they liked it that way. The wife felt ease as she was relieved of the expectation to take the extra mental load. She accepted that it might sound cold but it was a beautiful and a healthy relationship that way.

Unfortunately, this dynamism was a problem for her MIL. She kept on demanding things like reminding the husband that he had to pick up gifts for a friend’s birthday, ensuring that he wears his gloves while going out and adding air to the car tires. The wife was outspoken and mentioned that he was a big boy and he would handle it by himself. However, that didn’t go well with MIL and she made some passive-aggressive comments about how a relationship should be a partnership and called the wife “selfish.”

When the wife made that comment, it agitated her MIL. She turned up by saying that it didn’t seem as if the wife was ready for an adult partnership and they’d gotten married way too soon. The woman accepted that she felt terrible telling her MIL that she didn’t want to mother her husband. This reaction was flooded with comments on social media and users had a lot to say. Some supported the woman for standing up for herself. Others commented that MIL needs to stay off limit.

However, very few people carried sympathy for MIL but there were some who could think from her perspective. Some said that she had an outdated view as it was a generation thing. Apart from this, there were people who wanted to know the husband’s opinion. People commented that does the husband even know that his mother saw him as giant baby who needs to be told to wear gloves when it’s cold outside.

Other commenter interrupted and opinionated that the husband needed to have a little chat with his mother and inform her that he wasn’t a kid anymore. The users felt that MIL need to respect her son’s relationship.