Woman Feared She Would Be ‘Taken’ After Someone Melted Cheese On Her Car

A woman became popular on social media after sending a caution to fellow drivers to be cautious in their vehicles. Mimi claimed that she was kidnapped lately while getting into her car. It took her an hour to scrape all of that off, as explained by the woman in the popular video. She requested all the viewers that if they ever see cheese on their car, lock it and go; don't linger in that parking lot since the attackers can easily take them and are watching them.


Actually, a woman has gone viral on social media platforms after broadcasting a warning for others to be cautious when out and about because she was recently kidnapped while getting into her car. If you’ve been on social media recently, you’ve probably seen a number of social media platform videos warning of various ‘kidnapping strategies.’ From leaving messages on people’s wheelie bins to putting water bottles on vehicle hoods and attaching stuff to doorknobs, there’s something for everyone.

The all-embracing lesson in all of the clips was to avoid getting into your vehicle if you observe something weird or suspect. And, according to a new viral video, that might include melted cheese on your automobile. Mimi, a woman from the United States, has advised others to keep careful after worrying she would be “taken.” So, this is for all the girls out there, she wrote in a social media platform post under the handle @mimsss39.

Mimi mentioned, On Sunday, she went to church for approximately an hour and returned to find melted cheese on her car. She summoned her friend and her mother to assist herself in scraping it off, and as soon as they arrived, a white van with stickers and people wearing masks and smoking pulled out of a parking space two spots away from her and went to the other parking lot across the street where they could watch them clean off the cheese. It honestly took her an hour to scrape all of this off.


She had no clue that they were using that as a method to abduct people now, and if she hadn’t contacted her friend, she might easily have been taken in the hour it took her to scrape off the cheese, and this happened at her church, so she can’t even think where they’re attempting to use this on people. She advised that if anyone notices cheese on their car, lock it up and leave; don’t stay in that parking lot because they can easily take them and they’re watching them.

The Social media platform video has subsequently received over 175,000 views, 22,000 likes, and hundreds of comments. Someone responded, saying: “You are not replaceable, although the paint is. First, go home, and then take out the cheese!” Another person stated that it was not simply cheese. Anything to do with the vehicle. Sticker, t-shirt, wire, ANYTHING on your vehicle. Ladies, be cautious. A third person wrote: “OMG, I’m so sorry it happened to you. I’m glad you called someone and found out you weren’t alone.” “This is really terrifying,” a different user exclaimed. All of them advised that ladies should be cautious all the time.