Woman Got Disinvited From Her Sister’s Wedding For Fracturing Her Arm

There is no denying the fact that besides our own, the wedding that excites us the most is that of our sister’s! How do you think you will feel if you get disinvited from your sister’s wedding? Here’s a story of a woman who was banned from her sister’s wedding only because she broke her arm and thus couldn’t perform at her wedding!


The woman explains in her letter to Slate’s Dear Prudence advice column; her sister disinvited both the woman and her boyfriend because they could not keep the promise of playing music at her wedding as she broke her arm. The woman was supposed to play the violin with her boyfriend on the piano.

The letter writer broke her arm two weeks before the wedding. She was going out for a run in a park near her sister’s house. When she got injured, she called for her sister to take her to the emergency room. But when her sister arrived she was only concerned about the musical performance at her wedding. Before acting on the expected course of action, the sister kept scolding the woman for going on a run, saying that she should have taken care while the woman sat on the floor with a broken arm and tears in her eyes, only apologizing!


After she was done with the woman, she took to her boyfriend who was so angry at her behavior, that he himself refused to play at her wedding. There was an exchange of heated arguments among the two which kept on getting uglier. The woman kept begging her boyfriend to be polite and stay away from the fight.

This upset the sister so much that above all of this, she also demanded payment for a replacement musician, saying she was out of budget and it was all their fault! On the refusal of this, she banned them from attending the wedding. The woman writes that despite all this, she went to the wedding, sat at the back with her parents and noticed that her sister had used her phone and a speaker to play the music.


Reading this part, some people commented that there was no need for the woman to ask her boyfriend to keep quiet. It was clearly the sister who was being completely inconsiderate and unreasonable. The writer also writes about how the sister after coming back from her honeymoon, texted her to apologize for all that happened! But she still wanted an apology from her boyfriend, who according to her text, left her ‘high and dry’.

When the writer asked her boyfriend to apologize to her sister, he clearly denied it. He said that he will promise to be nice to her face and would never bring it up again, but won’t at any cost apologize to her.

To the people who commented, her boyfriend seems to be right and they ask her to not get all walked over by her sister. Some of the comments even ask her to lose all kinds of contact with her sister and told her to appreciate her boyfriend some more. He is a ‘gem’ who stood by her, they say!