Woman Left Embarrassed Over Wi-Fi Name After Sending A Screenshot To Boss

Work from home came into many people’s lives after the alarming state of the global pandemic. It had its own advantages such as wearing comfy clothes and staying cozy in bed all day long. However, it also had certain disadvantages. From switching between multiple meeting links to all the fuss about sharing your screen and something weird popping up, was a real stress.


In one such case, a woman working from home made herself extremely awkward after sharing a screenshot to her boss to prove that her internet connection went down. But she had an embarrassing Wi-Fi name that made the situation very uncomfortable for her.

The woman shared the incident on her TikTok account under the username @Jessgracew. She had made her mind for a relaxed day after she received a message from her service provider regarding the failure of the internet in her locality. She sent the screenshot of this message to her boss. But she was left embarrassed as soon as she realized that she had not changed the name of her Wi-Fi before sharing the screenshot.


@Jessgracew shared a video on TikTok showing the message she forwarded to her boss. She captioned it “Told my boss I couldn’t log on today because my Wi-Fi was out and sent him a screenshot of the outage…”

The alert message seen in the video informed that the internet in her area was down and would be unavailable for some time. It then displayed her hilarious as well as unprofessional Wi-Fi name: ‘It hurts when IP’. Luckily, her boss took it all jokes and considered her issue. He even went ahead to respond to this by writing ‘Drop it like it’s hotspot’ and ‘Silence of the LAN’.

The clip went viral soon after it was uploaded and had been viewed around 600,000 times on the woman’s TikTok account. The comment section started flooding with thousands of amusing remarks. Many people shared their funny Wi-Fi names. A user wrote that she named hers was ‘IP when I sneeze’. Another commented “Lol mine is ‘ScreamingWhenIP’ and ‘ScreamingLouderWhenIP’ for 5G.”Adding to the sarcasm, a third person wrote that hers was ‘police surveillance van’. It kept her neighbors on their toes. A fourth person felt that it was appropriate since her boss thought it was funny.