Woman Shocked With The Demand A Man Makes A Day After Meeting Her

What normal people do on a Friday or Saturday night? Yes, you guessed it right they usually hang out with their friends or colleagues. You go to a club, dance your heart out with friends and try to socialize with other people. Another usual thing that happens is when you catch a nice stranger looking at you. Exchanging drinks and numbers are the next step, people do not wait like old times.

Expectations are that the person on the other side is nice you guys can go on a real date. It is not always that the other person is single. But one can hope and try. This is what Chlo Matthews expected the night she went out with her friends to a bar. She was dancing her heart out with her friends when a stranger approached her.

The boy bought her drinks and they both exchanged their numbers. Chlo had a great time with Danny, the boy who she met in the bar. She was sure he will message her and ask for a date or just ask to hang out sometime soon. Surely, he got in touch with her but the message was shocking at a different level.

Cho thought that he messaged her to ask her out, but when she read the message she felt mixed emotions. Danny had asked her to return the money that he spent on her to buy the drinks since they did not take their business to home. She was shocked at first then really upset over the fact that these type of men are there in the society. She decided to retire from night outs.

She tweeted the screenshot of the conversation she had with Danny with a bit of description. The tweet got viral in no time 8,900 people retweeted it and the tweet had 60,000 likes. People shared their opinions on the matter and most of them were angry with Danny’s behavior. In there, it was very rude of him to treat Cho that way, and he had no right to send that message to her.

They suggested many ways filled with pure sarcasm as to how she can compensate him for the drinks. Most of them directly hinted how to set his man pride right and let him know what a jerk he is. It was upsetting on so many levels that men have stooped so low, to get laid.