Woman Shockingly Bumped Into Her Dead Ex-Boyfriend At A Local Restaurant

In a bizarre incident, a woman from Australia named Rachel had been deceived. She lived her life by grieving and mourning for his ex-boyfriend. But to her shock and surprised she realized and discovered after a few years that her ex-boyfriend was alive and kicking. She discovered this when she met him across a local restaurant. This was a heart wrenching and unbelievable happening.


It seems like this tale is like a plot straight out of Agatha Christie novel. This naïve lady was told that her ex-boyfriend had died and knowing this she kept mourning and shed tears over the loss. But to her surprise a few years later she discovered that her ex-boyfriend was very much working in a local restaurant. This lady opened up to ABC.net.au about the terrific situation she experienced with her past boyfriend. This started when Rachel was just eighteen years old when she started dating this guy who was a chef from her local pub. This relationship seemed like any other young love which was exciting and she described him as ‘really nice’

However, this incident took a sharp turn where this guy lost his job who cannot be named for legal reasons had asked his girlfriend hundreds of pound to live on. He was able to repay only some amount of money but after a few months when they broke up she claims that he refused to pay the rest of the amount and also stopped replying to her messages.

Things started getting strange when the guy’s friends started informing her that the furniture had started going missing from his house share. Furniture was gone, the bed was gone, everything was gone. The initial story was that he had gone to rehab in Queensland. However, Rachel was not ready to believe this and was not fully convinced and before she could investigate anything, her ex’s mum messaged her to say her son had died.

Rachel mourned in her own way and moved on. But, then two years later the story was shockingly unfolded. While she was back in her home town with her friend where she stopped by a restaurant and shockingly she discovered him working.

Sadly, before she could confront anything she was asked to leave the restaurant. She could not arrive at a conclusion and sought to talk to the police. However, they failed at helping her as it was her words against him. Later that same night, her ex’s mother got in contact once again, this time to complain that Rachel had caused a scene at the restaurant and gotten her son fired.

This incident left the naïve woman in despair and till date, she keeps wondering what did exactly happen. She still wishes and wanted to have a chance to talk to him and have a proper conversation. She wished had she asked her one or two questions at least.