Woman Took Revenge From Cheating Ex By Posting Brutal Ad For His Suit

A ditched girlfriend wanted revenge. She has been keen to get out of reach of her boyfriend’s assets. His £150 four -piece has been on giveaway. The girlfriend says she would rather give it or burn it.


A revengeful girlfriend is keen to giveaway her boyfriend’s suit. She claimed that if not bought it, she would rather set it on fire. She wouldn’t give it back to him. The burnt suit would be sent to her ex-lover from her new lover’s letterbox. Announcing this showed her mixed emotions and thoughts. She posted the same on Facebook.

The pictures of the suit were shared. The suit was with a white shirt. She wrote on the ad: “Cost 150 quid worn twice. Its free to whoever wants it before I set it on fire and post it thru my cheating partners new birds’ door. “Some person could land a job because of you!” one impressed browser commented. The audience started applauding her for her heroism.


This case shows us the deeper meaning of revenge. Some people get revengeful because of negative emotions. But some people were the ones who truly loved. The purity of their love forces them to introspect. Overthinking and finding fault in oneself leads to a revengeful attitude. Feeling worthless is obvious. Ill treatment in any relationship lowers the self-respect.

The former girlfriend here is deeply heartbroken. If she wanted to be mean and beneficial, selling the suit would have been her resort. But giving it away just to get rid of it clearly doesn’t show so. Second resort of burning the suit is a clear indication of the same. She must have resorted to such options as she was deeply hurt.

Revenge is necessarily not taken to hurt the other person. Sometimes, it is taken for one self. Bringing oneself to congruence becomes essential to function well.

Whatever the circumstances maybe, respecting any person is important. A mental breakdown is worse than physical. Psychological well-being helps us to function better. The feeling of being loved increases our happy hormones. Many studies have proven that being with the right partner increases our productivity. The support and motivation provided by the better half is overwhelming. Family and friends also play a major role. But the correct life partner changes our outlook.