Woman’s Hilarious Obituary For ‘Dead Sexy’ Husband Went Viral

Some things can make a person cry and laugh out loud at the same time. Crystal Sauser’s eulogy for her ‘dead sexy’ husband is one of those things. Emotional, honorable, and yet hilarious, her eulogy went viral beyond limits. She lost her husband after he battled cancer for two years.


Crystal was shattered but she managed to pay respect to her 43-year-old husband and father of three with an amazing eulogy.

She initiated her eulogy by referring to her husband Eric A. Sauser as a super dad, easy, and a rocking dude who belonged from Omaha. She continued that he passed away calmly in his sleep by his wife beside him on the 26th of February 2021.

She added humor to the eulogy by writing that he left just in time to make a spiritual arrival at Red Sox spring game. She added that her beloved husband was always survived by her and their three children, Amelia, Violet, and Benjamin who will sleep in the same bed for a long time.

Before the leukemia diagnosis, the family was full of energy, though the disease shattered them, their spirits to live life best were still alive.

Crystal continued her eulogy by describing the amazing things that Eric had an interest in. She quoted him as a person with many friends who loved his ‘smoking hot wife’ beyond limits and bright kids who would go any limits to love him.

She said that the Boston Red Sox, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Huskers, Liverpool Futbol, QT iced tea, Adidas sneakers, fishing, backpacking, hiking, hunting, and an old Chevy on the road are some of the things that amazed him and he loved.

The humor in her eulogy was unmatched by anyone as she explained the cause of his death was maybe leukemia or more importantly being ‘dead sexy.’ Nevertheless, her eulogy was full of emotions as she expressed that the family will always love him and he will be missed a lot.

This unique eulogy was printed in the local newspaper and also was shared enormously on social media. The tweet featuring the eulogy was retweeted by many people and they were amazed and touched by reading it.

Crystal appreciated the love people showered and expressed that her husband would be happy to receive so much love.

She said, “I’m sad because I have a broken heart, but I’m not sad because we didn’t win our journey.” She also revealed that her husband never wanted sympathy and that was something that inspired her to add humor to the eulogy.

Crystal shared that the entire family battled the disease with grace. She concluded her eulogy by sharing the details of the ceremony and invited people to raise a cold beer which would preferably be Eric’s favorite ‘Busch Light.’